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Deadpool - X-Force Premium Format™ Figure

Deadpool - X-Force Premium Format™ Figure

A Marvel Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

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Deadpool X-Force Preview

The wise-cracking merc with a non-stop chatter mouth and yellow thought bubbles is back!  The Deadpool X-Force Premium Format Figure shows off the the anti-hero in his grey and black duds from his time within the ranks of the super secret X-Force group!  This Marvel collectible will be available for Pre-Order on Friday, November 29th, 2013.

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  • Logan Henderson

    Yes yes yes one of the all time biggest loud mouths has come to be the x-force deadpool , I just hope this is the first statue of four so we can get the the x-force team of x-23 , war path and wolverine.

    • Shallbecomeabat

      Heck yes!!! I NEED X-force Wolverine! Also, Fantomex would be great, but I am realistic.

  • Len

    anyone know the cost?

  • Colombianlove41

    As long as they bring reynolds back