Death Premium Format Figure

Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Death – Lord Supreme of the Underworld Premium Format Figure

Enter the Court of the Dead »

Sideshow’s Court of the Dead continues it’s reveals with Death – Lord Supreme of the Underworld Premium Format™ Figure.  Those attending Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego will get a chance to see Death – Lord Supreme Statue, Kier, Queen of the Dead, and more in person!

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  • slangmeister

    Totally diggin the samurai battle armor and crazy helm. Death… come to me….. muahahahaaaa!!!!!!

  • gammamatrix

    This line up is getting way to awesome!

  • deeblock116

    Sheeez this whole Court of the Dead PF’s are simply stunning. .really wish I can own them all…or perhaps SS can do a Marvel Zombies line

  • JCB

    I’m ordering EVERY one of this set!

  • CreationNation

    Have you all calculated how many divorces you have caused by releasing this line?! Stop it!

    • Kevin Reppe

      No sir, they don’t know and don’t care.

  • Kevin Reppe

    Will the rest of these become items that can be pre ordered after SDCC?

  • Kevin Reppe

    We will need to start a town of statue collectors. As one person here mentioned, this line alone will be causing mass destruction at the home site. I can hear it already. “ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR EFFING MIND?”.

  • Aaron N Shell’s Collectibles

    I will be buying the whole set of these to go with my exclusive dead statues and my court of the dead reaper deaths general.

  • Nebukhan

    Strangely, in the picture wearing the Lord Supreme, a chrome mask and the prototype statue she is bony. Although I find both amazing, but it would rather prefer metallic. However, as then the interplay with the Mitra, I obviously do not know.