Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Deathwing Statue Preview

Sideshow Collectibles new World of Warcraft piece is coming soon!  Get a sneak peek of the Deathwing Statue today!

  • Ryan Sheffield

    been waiting a long time for this…sold!

  • Infuriate

    Payment plan here I come!

  • shangdazi

    This is the best sculpture!

  • Alexander Umnus

    Yes!… ALL MY YES! GIFF PLZ! :D

  • Francisco Manriquez

    This is one of the best sculpts I’ve ever seen from Sideshow. I will finally pull the trigger and make this my 1st Sideshow Collectibles purchase. And also the biggest sculpt I have ever bought. Can’t wait til it goes up for sale

  • scholes

    Must reserve I hope the Blizzcon level

  • Wesley Merritt

    Where is he already!?

  • Enragedphong

    THIS! Is going to be the crowning jewel of my collection. I’ve been awaiting this and what better way to pay tribute to nearly 10 years of WoW than getting him with Arthas? I’ve been a big Deathwing fan since before Cata from reading War of the Ancients and Beyond the Dark Portal among others; now we only need Illidan!! While they’re at it might as well make a whole line of WoW and Blizz statues!! XD

  • Jake

    So when do we get a PO date for this??!! Going to be after the reveal of everything at SDCC?

  • Brooke

    SO excited for this. Helloooo, payments! <3

  • Marco Acosta

    I’m actually really curious.
    This is one piece that I’d love to add to my collection. Come on Sideshow! Release some more Deathwing goodness!!!!!!