Elder Predator Preview

Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Elder Predator Legendary Scale Bust

First seen in the second installment of the Predator franchise, the Elder Predator is held in high regard within Yautja society as one that is greatly skilled in the hunt and has seen and won many battles.  Sideshow Collectibles’ Elder Predator Legendary Scale Bust is the next warrior to join the hunt with the Predator – Masked Hunter Legendary Scale Bust and will be available for Pre-Order soon!  Additionally, San Diego Comic-Con attendees can get their first look at him from July 23rd – 27th, 2014!

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  • Andre Marriner

    Thank you SideShow. i cant wait to add this to my collection, looks amazing !!!

  • Kendrick J. Lepage

    uh oh…. this is begging to be next to the alien busts…

    • Necronomicon

      And an Engineer bust! Sideshow make it happen! :)

  • Jay McGuire

    Full-body life-size Elder Predator, please!

  • Karl Jameson

    Looks incredible!!! How about doing the ‘Cleaner’ or ‘Wolf’ predator from Requiem next? Or the awesome Predalien?!

  • David Broadhead

    Looks amazing!!! Need a wolf masked and unmasked and Predalien!!!!!