Friday the 13th

Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Friday the 13th

Ki-ki-ki…Ma-ma-ma! Did you hear that?  Do you know what that means campers?  That’s right!  More Friday the 13th collectibles are on the way from Sideshow Collectibles to satisfy your blood thirst for all things Jason Voorhees and horror!

  • Massimiliano Zandri

    fantastic video :) thanks for your works..

  • Robert Nager

    Please – give this man a raise and a shiny new luxury car. He’s my new role model =]

  • Lito Velasco

    Awesome news! Although, I take issue with your wording of the infamous and iconic “Jason sound”. It’s not “ch-ah”. It’s “Ki-Ma”: for “Kill” and “Mommy”. Evidence and proof?

  • AMS

    Hey Sideshow any chance of a lifesize Chucky from the original Child’s Play?

  • Mikey Tilton

    This is awesome news!!!!

  • Curtis Baisden

    Hope it is a legendary Jason statue. I am talking 45 inches tall!!! Or just make a lifesize Jason!!!!

  • thelimit

    Funny, in a Horror Movie book I looked through as a kid in a Walden Books store, it stated that it was “Kill Kill Kill, Chop Chop Chop, Hack Hack Hack” this was a hardcover book with details of all horror movies released to date. This was after the first Friday was released.

    • Mac Spoon

      I remember that too, but the writers actually said they took the line from Betsy Palmer when she was channeling Jason saying “Kill her mommy… Kill her!” and chooped it up to make that famous chant.

  • billykent1972

    Awesome news, 1/6 Uber Jason please

  • J’Mel R. Davidson

    I GUESS if a Leatherface were gong to happen, it’d have happened this year for the 40th anniversary?
    Oh well…

  • Jason Woolsey

    I wish they would do more movies!! I also wish I could get a 1980′s Jason Voorhees figure and a 1970′s Pamela Voorhees figure!!

    • Mac Spoon

      Rumor has it that a new movie is coming 2015. Still unsure whether or not it’s continuing from the 2009 remake or a whole new reboot. I’m hoping that it continues from the 2009 movie. Love that remake.

  • nasser hafes

    How about a michael myers statue from halloween? That would be awsome!

  • evilekim

    Make the 12″ figures again! That’s all I want. They were my favorites. You never made part V, or the Remake version. Take a break from the statues.

  • Sean Sandler

    Release a good Michael Myers 1/6 scale PLEASE!!!!

  • Niklas Norpi Olsson

    Finally! Been to long now! Wow!

  • TheMattedScreen

    If there is a 6th scale Jason on the way… I think my childhood collection of action figures would be complete…

  • evil dead 2013

    Omg thank god . I been waiting forever!

  • evil dead 2013

    Please do one from the remake.

  • Jason Voorhees

    Looking forward to seeing the New addition… I have ALL the Sideshow Jason’s….

  • David Speranza

    I’d like to see a PF Jason goes to hell statue with Freddy’s hand coming out of the ground.

  • Darth Blues

    Pretty cool! Since it is now 20 years anniversary of “Wes Cravens New
    Nightmare” SS should make a PF of new Freddy Krueger! That is the
    baddest of the baddies!!

  • Mally

    Need to do a Michael Myers or a Chucky one next!!

  • Thwrangler

    So when do we find out when it will be available and what it will be???

    I can’t wait!!!

  • Niklas Norpi Olsson

    When u think it’s comin?
    And how many ex?

  • Ataricade

    part 7 first would be nice. Best look imo

  • ismael gonzalez

    wow! statue new of jason voorhees from friday the 13th to my collection

  • Joshua Hensley

    I would love a oober jason from jason x and a super freddy 1/6 scale figure

  • Joey OBrien

    you guys certainly have grown since your Universal Monsters 8″ figure days.

  • octavio nunez

    I hope it is part 8

  • Twisted Insane

    1.1 BUST!!!!!