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Gray Hulk Premium Format™ Figure

Gray Hulk Premium Format™ Figure

A Marvel Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Payment Plan available for as little as $99.00 USD / month

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Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Gray Hulk Premium Format Figure

A brand new Marvel statue is smashing in on the scene soon to complete what was started with the Red Hulk and Incredible Hulk Premium Format Figures!  The Gray Hulk Premium Format Figure will be available for Pre-Order on Thursday, May 29th 2014!

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  • deeblock116

    Here we go again. ..Ring me up SS or shall I say $ide$how.. purchasing all 3 hulks will have my gf “turn into an enormous green rage monster”

  • Ray Senior

    can not wait got the other two niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • toycrypt

    I must have this. It the one I want the most. I pre-ordered the other two already but this is the one I need. God I hope I win the contest as I’m slowly going broke from all the stuff I order from Sideshow.

  • DCsuperhero88

    The grey hulk is the one to get in my opinion. It will be the centerpiece of my hulk collection.