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Hot Toys Prometheus Preview

The hit sci-fi film Prometheus added layers of rich history and story to the ever growing Alien mythos that began 35 years ago!  Hot Toys will soon be releasing a Prometheus Sixth Scale Figure line and will be available through Sideshow Collectibles in the future!

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  • Jake Fromberg

    While I am excited for these to come out, Hot Toys has been teasing these figures for 2 years now!!! We know the Engineer is coming, but what about the main characters?!? I know its probably going to be a Shaw figure, but they should make a Janek (Idris Elba) too!!! Idris needs a Hot Toy!! Even if its as Heimdall or Pentecoast from Pacific Rim!!!

  • Michael Vanzieleghem

    Can’t get here soon enough. I need a 6th scale “David” to go with my Engineer.

  • ShadowInc


  • Kenny Patton

    I hope the space jockey with engineer in the seat will be offered.

  • Colin Christian

    Hurry up,I want to see,

  • TheMattedScreen

    My hope is from these we get new “Alien” figures – missed the last set kinda want to fill that gap

  • Marnie ‘Twiggy’ Taylor

    Please do a David 8 :(

  • ShadowInc


  • David Speranza

    I heard this was cancelled. :(


    I hope we get a nice figure of Shaw, with the fireaxe.

  • mike

    I think we need a scale model of the Engineer’s ship… Just a thought.