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Iron Man Mark 42 Quarter Scale Maquette

Iron Man Mark 42 Quarter Scale Maquette

A Marvel Quarter Scale Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

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Iron Man Mark 42 Maquette Preview

Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Iron Man Mark 42 Maquette Preview

The ‘prodigal son’ returns! From Iron Man 3, Sideshow Collectibles’ Iron Man Mark 42 Quarter Scale Maquette is coming soon! Sideshow teamed up with Legacy Effects Studio, the special FX masters behind the actual films, to produce the ultimate screen accurate Iron Man Mark 42 collectible! The perfect companion for the Iron Patriot Quarter Scale Maquette, Tony Stark’s newest armor will be a must-have for any Marvel or Iron Man collection!

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  • Alex Croft

    Looks absolutely EPIC!!!

  • Damien

    you are NOT alone my friend….GF’s everywhere are losing their minds, SS keeps coming out with mega announcement after announcement.

  • Matt Meade

    Would this be the same size ie go with premium format figures like cap america one due august?

  • Erodz

    I’m building a home out of SS empty boxes, My real home in on collateral for this new figures…FML

  • ahloke

    make sure iron patriot has open palms on one of his hovering fisted hands and try not to have closed hands like war machine as the light feature is block out. cheers!

  • Sandro

    That is so true, but this bust look awesome.