Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

J. Scott Campbell Black Cat Statue

Sideshow Collectibles is happy to announce the next addition to the J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man Collection will be Black Cat!  Meow!

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  • Joe Lastoria

    I knew you guys would come through with a Campbell Black Cat! Now please have an EXCLUSICE on this one. :)

  • Alice Sisilia Melo

    :D J. Scott Campbell!!

  • Tonnie L


  • Eddie

    and my Christmas wish just came true!!! :)

  • Stephanie

    Can’t wait to see what this beauty will look like!

  • Chris Rodriguez

    I hope it’s the one where she is wearing the spidey top. It would go great with Mary Jane one :-)

  • Saetan


  • Enragedphong

    Hmm is she gonna be on all fours like that drawing in the background of the promo? I’m imagining so, not sure how I feel about that yet; could potentially be very nice.

  • Eleney

    My god I cannot wait for this!!! There’s not a great amount of good Black Cat figurines out there. Campbell ALWAYS delivers though.

  • Stephania Besco

    I keep stalking sideshow to see when this one will be out! I’m so pumped just to see what it’ll look like!

  • Lorenz Nijs

    how much longer? I so want this one.. already have the Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy is on the way… I gotta have Black Cat too, and I want it soon :D

  • Amy

    I cannot wait to see a preview! I have already ordered all 3 of the spider-man figures and I just received Gwen Stacy yesterday :) Amazing!

  • Ron Buckman III

    This needs to hurry!

  • Krystina

    I need Blackcat!!!!!

  • Walter Abarca

    any news? some preview shoots?

  • Walter Abarca

    When is it coming out, any launch date?

  • Walter Abarca