Pinhead Premium Format Figure

Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Pinhead Premium Format Figure

Complete the pattern, solve the puzzle, turn the key.

The lead Cenobite can now fully be revealed!  Sideshow’s Pinhead Premium Format™ Figure from the Hellraiser franchise will be easier to obtain on Pre-Order in the future then opening up a mysterious puzzle box.  If you’re going to Comic-Con in San Diego in 2014, you’ll get the opportunity to see Pinhead in all his horror icon glory!

  • toycrypt

    Bloody Awesome!

  • Andre Marriner

    Yessss !!!! iv been waiting for this one for a long time, cant wait to get it thank you Sideshow.

    Pinhead: By helping me you will help yourself

  • Matthew

    Whoa! Great to see some classic Clive Barker in amongst all the Court of the Dead. Pleasure for my collection and pain on my wallet!

  • Forgiven Sith

    Oh my god… Sideshow why do you keep doing this to my bank balance!! Looks awesome :)

  • deeblock116

    Great memories from a great film! Long live the classic horror films..hopefully a Leatherface (Texas Chainsaw Massacre) is in the works ✌

  • Yann Basset

    This news just made my day! Oh, wait… no, it made my year!

  • toycrypt

    Angry face (like Andres pic) exclusive for the win! You hear me Sideshow! LOL.

    • Andre Marriner

      yep thats what i was thinking , i will be shocked if they dont do it. the face to this one doesnt have to much expression

  • Alartiz

    Awesome! My pockets are crying.

  • Tyler Harris

    The angry face Pinhead in Andre’s picture is from the VHS box art from the original Hellraiser. The figure Sideshow is releasing is from Hellraiser III. With the way likeness licensing works, this is likely the final sculpt and will be produced as such.

    • Andre Marriner

      if you have a look at the hellraiser 3 movie posters he has the same angry look, and in many scenes from the movie. So a angry head sculpted as the EX would be awesome :)

  • Thomas Liquori

    Finally! Waiting almost 10 years for this one! Woohoo!

  • Brian Schiavo

    Sideshow, you’re as bad as Pinhead–torturing our money out of our wallets as you do…! Next it will be the Chatterer, then Butterball, next the female Cenobite and all the way down to the guy with the CD player in his head!

    • carolinah1tman

      And I would buy them all

  • Robin Day

    Worlds of want.

  • Avoosal

    The key to dreams, black miracles, dark wonders is finally here!

  • Lars Hagman

    How much?

  • Thomas Liquori

    Light up box that opens as an exclusive would be pretty sweet or even an extra bloody version. Looking forward to the rest of the cenobites; chatterbox is a must, the twins, doctor, barbie, cd head, etc. This is gonna be a bad ass collection. Been waiting years for this one. Thanks for finally listening. My wife is gonna kill me. Were running out of room and money in our house! :-D

  • SunnySkyNL

    I’ve been waiting for a long time for this to happen, I love Hellraiser!
    My hope now for the next horror premium format figure is for this guy, Pennywise the dancing clown!

  • SunnySkyNL

    By the way I LOVE the serious look.
    Maybe we will see this one day as well?

  • Christopher Watson

    Now you guys cant make just him now, I want chatterer, butterball, and the female cenobite as well to complete the set, make it happen lol

  • Adrian Martinez

    I’ve been waiting years for this, now will be mine for sure

  • James Ratliff

    When When When??? I want him, NOW!!!!! Lol

  • 0(o_o)0(-_-)(o…o)

    This looks amazing! I’m not even a fan and I want to get this just because it would look so cool.

  • simon macdonald

    looking forward to ordering this piece asap so come on sideshow get that preorder link going, and if you can just do a michael myers it will complete my horror collection with jason and freddy, toodaloo