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Predator Mask Prop Replica

Predator Mask Prop Replica

A Predator Prop Replica by Sideshow Collectibles

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Predator Mask Replica

On the hunt for your next Predator collectible?  You’re in luck as Sideshow Collectibles’ Predator Mask Life-Size Prop Replica is the next collectible to be joining Sideshow’s huge line-up of Masks, including the Bone Grill, Battle Damaged Classic, Elder Ceremonial, Ceremonial, and Predator 2!  Pre-Orders for the latest Predator Mask begin on Thursday, February 27th, 2014!

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  • Xavier Sosa

    JUST PLAIN AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott H.

    I`ve been awaiting a PREDATOR original mask/helmet for a long time. Elegant, mute, yet menacing.


  • Chad

    Bout time .

  • Jonathan Tacker

    Would look good next to a Predator skull…hint hint!