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Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure

Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure

A Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

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Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure

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Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure

Fans of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi will be excited to see the Scout Trooper Sixth Scale Figure is on the way!  Pre-Orders for this loyal soldier of the Empire in Star Wars will begin on Thursday, September 18, 2014!  Of course, what’s a Scout Trooper without his metal steed?  Not to worry, because the Speeder Bike will also be available for Pre-Order on the same day!

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  • Preeny101

    Oh my goodness. That looks sweet! Will get!!!!

  • Randy of AFTimes

    I’ve been waiting years for this announcement!

    I’ll need two or three… and Speeder Bikes!

  • Maarten Dijkstra

    Yes! Yes yes YES! Finally you have the scout trooper. Now I can finally complete my line up of Original Trilogy Troopers :) happy happy day.

  • Dirk Digler

    Wow! And the bike? Now, we’re talking, Sideshow! What’s next? A friggin’ 1/6-scale Chewie?

  • Jamie Peake

    So cool! This will be mine! Oh yes it will be.

  • Nick Dickens


  • lunisite01 .

    Awsome! and does this mean the similar kashyyyk trooper is coming soon after? good times.

  • Imperial Sentinel

    Can’t wait! Hope to see more Imperials coming out

  • Jens Rösler

    GREAT idea to bring the Figure with the Bike! Will order both!

  • Jordan Bonfiglio

    Oh I’m so happy they are making a scout trooper, I hope they do Kashyyyk troopers next as well!

  • Jordan Bonfiglio

    I really want this, as well as a kashyyyk trooper. It would be cool to see clone pilots and commando’s also.

  • Jeoffrey Bristow

    Been looking at the Speeder Bike and Trooper that Gentle Giant came out with many years ago. Was gonna buy it off ebay. Not now.