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Sentinel Maquette

Sentinel Maquette

A Marvel Maquette by Sideshow Collectibles

Payment Plan available for as little as $81.00 USD / month

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Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Sentinel Maquette

Something will be on the hunt for mutants soon!  Sideshow Collectibles’ Sentinel Maquette is the X-Men collectible that Marvel fans will want in their Marvel collection.  Come back for more updates in the future on the Sentinel Statue!

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  • Damien

    Sideshow….my wallet….flatlining….

  • Joe Regalado

    Oh, now this has my attention.

  • Matt Meade


  • DJ


  • Grimlock78

    Oh crap here is another flexpayment coming up…next to Darth Mythos, R2 and batman lol.

  • Jonatan Lara

    Hope is not that expensive. Almost all the statues are out of my range and I’m a huge fan of Sentinels :C

  • Jason

    I want to save money already

  • Elver Galarga

    Oooh yeeeah!

  • Antonio Loloa

    Sentinel? When when when?

  • deeblock116

    Sweeet..hope it’s ginormous!

  • Ashton Ray

    I’m hoping they will do an Evan Peters Quicksilver from Days of Future Past. Definitely the breakout star of the movie. Pentagon Breakout scene FTW!

  • Ray Senior

    what happened to the change o head they were showing before

  • MarkEcho

    This is AWESOME news!!! Thank you Sideshow! Been waiting for you to do this now that I have a small collection of X-Men statues!

    Worst part is I have to probably wait until next year for it to be here…

    Excellent choice to make this! Thank you again!!!

    Hoping it’s as large or larger than Galactus :)

  • Al Wylie

    This will be an Excellent Addition to my X-Men Collection, Now when is the Preview and Pre-Order?

  • Elver Galarga

    It looks like Master Mold.

  • David Speranza

    Probably same price as Galactus.

  • jamesgreen21

    Do the preorder button already so I can get it.

  • Philip Christiansen

    Any idea how tall this will be?

    • The Truth