Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Speeder Bike Sixth Scale

The Empire needed a quick and fast way to traverse the heavily forested moon of Endor!  Thus entered the use of the sleek and slick Speeder Bike!  Star Wars fans will get their chance to Pre-Order this open-air repulsorlift vehicle in sixth scale form on Thursday, September 18, 2014!  Plus, remember that the Scout Trooper will be available to Pre-Order as well to pilot the speeder bike!

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  • Peter Michaelsen

    :O, why am i so poor :(

  • Nick Dickens

    Even more WOW!

  • lunisite01 .

    hell yea! bout damn time

  • orpheys


  • Sean M

    Awesome!!! Only problem is, my wife already said we don’t have enough room to put my current Sideshow figures.

    • Jeoffrey Bristow

      Get rid of the wife and her sewing room

  • RN

    I sense the Shadow Scout Speeder Bike will be here soon :)

  • tony

    Anybody have any idea on the size of the speeder bike?