Coming Soon to Sideshow Collectibles

Star Wars Ralph McQuarrie Collectibles Coming Soon

Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars collectibles will be available soon for galaxies near and far, far away!

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  • Pete Borradaile

    2014 looks to be an expensive year for me.. love the McQuarrie concept stuff! I’m going to have to change my middle name to “paymentplan”..

    • Sean M

      Pete “payment plan” Borradaile? HAHAHAHA! That is a good one, but I can definitely understand the financial issue. :)

  • firespray421

    Finally!!! Oh what exciting news! I simply cannot wait to see what Sideshow is planning for this line :D

  • Jedi Jim

    Oh yeah, these are the 1/6 I am looking for, (a new hope, ha ha ). please keep the cost reasonable. McQuarrie was the look and feel of Star Wars, I love the Kotobukiya Darth Vader fighting Deak Starkiller figure set. About time there was a tribute to Ralph.

    • Jeoffrey Bristow

      I have the Kotobukiya Set. I have been offered a lot of money for it. Nope it’s mine. Not for sale. Ralh sold ST and Got it. He Really got it.

  • MattS71

    possibly awesome

  • Dirk Digler

    Come on, Sideshow. There had better be a bunch of 1/6ths in these upcoming McQuarries. No busts, no premiums. 1/6ths. Sixths? One-sixthes? You know what I mean…

  • KyleWomble

    My budget stinks! But if you make the Mcquarrie Concept’s in 1/6 scale and space them out… I’m in!

  • Pete Dang

    Dear lord, how do I explain to my boss why I need a raise….

  • Brian

    I’m in!

  • Tattooey Ramos

    Oh dear god, my wife is going to kill me…

  • Kenny Kraly Jr

    Awesome news can’t wait to find out what Ralph McQuarrie Collectibles from the concept paintings will look like.


    As I’m sitting watching “THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!” and after it “RETURN OF THE JEDI!” I looked on the DARTH VADER DELUXE MODEL,And I want it so much MORE!!!

  • Narukami

    Samurai Darth — I like it!

  • Sean M

    I am going to go BROKE if these are released as 1/6 scale

  • Sean M

    I cannot wait for my exclusive Darth Vader to arrive.

  • Balrog0774

    Premium Formats!!!

  • ericmedina

    Darth Maul mech leg 1/6 scale

  • nld3

    Any release dates?

  • Erik Eastham

    This was announced a million years ago . . . any updates?