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Tychus Findlay Preview

Is he a scoundrel or a hero?  It really all depends who you’re talking to when it comes to soldier, Tychus Findlay.  What is known – Tychus would befriend Jim Raynor and the two became members of an elite fighting force nicknamed the “Heaven’s Devils” that were tasked with daring missions on Turaxis II until unfortunate events in the Kel-Morian territory would cause both soldiers to become outlaws.  Sideshow Collectibles’ Tychus is the next Starcraft II Sixth Scale Figure coming soon!

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  • Dennis Bostic Jr.

    And you know this…. MAN!!

  • JRodri2540

    I’ve been waiting for this one for a while! Can’t wait for full reveal!

  • Booradley

    Me wanty!

  • xYx

    Big brother?

  • Kainswiss

    Wow cant wait to get Tychus along with Raynor. Detail looks incredible!!! Another masterpiece by Sideshow

  • Justin Green

    Hell, It’s about damn time.

  • toe

    these are amazing. The attention to details are phenomenal. Great job Sideshow.

  • Carlos OnesixScale

    Oh boy I’m going to be broke. First Hot Toys and now Sideshow. Wake me up it’s like a dream…

  • Jorge Jose Urena Zegarra

    yes carlos i got jimmy on PO already and might let go the freaking IGor for tychus

  • Wesley Merritt

    Please make a Zeratul! And I hope Queen of Blades is till in Production!

  • KingCharMing


  • KingCharMing

    When are they going to reveal this! My body is ready…

  • valkirie

    I am going to need a second job to support this addiction.

  • Malak

    Surely General war field will be the next cab of the rank in this series

  • R N


  • Noomba

    Man I hope he comes with a big ass minigun.