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Wonder Woman Premium Format™ Figure

Wonder Woman Premium Format™ Figure

A DC Comics Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Payment Plan available for as little as $120.00 USD / month

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Wonder Woman Premium Format Figure Preview

Following up the release of the Batman and Superman Premium Format Figures, Wonder Woman will be the next Justice League member available for Pre-Order on Thursday, February 13, 2014!

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  • Kraig Gregory

    This is the one I have been waiting for. Should be epic if Exclusive released with edition size under 750.

  • JRodri2540

    Beautiful statue! Face kind of looks like Evangeline Lilly! Great work Sideshow! Long wait has been worth it!

    • Damien

      I think her face looks like Lucy Lawless (Xena) in her younger years!

  • Alfred Day

    This will be the final piece in my DC Trinity PF Collection! I’m thrilled!

  • Linxa Ffxi Paladin

    Omg I have to get that

  • Eddie Gonzalez

    SO GONNA GET THIS. It looks really really nice.

  • todd s

    Omg she’s gorgeous, fantastic job guys. And merry christmas

  • quitcherbichinn

    It’s about time! It’s beautiful and I can’t wait…now where is the 1/6 figure? Statue is great but I want the 1/6 figure!!

  • Speedracer

    Wonder Woman – Wow now that’s special

  • Blackie Bestosterone

    Wow… this looks like an instant classic in the making.

  • ktalmadge


  • pukapitany

    Finally, one of my dream comes true. Thx Sideshow :)

  • Al Wylie

    WHOA! WonderWoman is Beautiful, simply Beautiful with the stern look and the stance and let’s not forget the Base of the Fallen, Impressive Sideshow

  • Renny Roccon

    Looks incredible!

  • Tabatha Livingston

    Love it

  • Jordan Green

    This will complete the set of the big three of DC comics!!! 2014 is looking good sideshow ;).

  • daponte_04

    This looks amazing. Truly puts the “Wonder” in Wonder Woman.

  • Pete Borradaile

    Ahh.. where is the pre-order button? ..please?..

    • Otniel Torres

      Is a must have. Wonder Woman rocks ass. Love in how the artist bring out the essence of the character bringing the character back to life. Making this statue one of kind.

  • Darth Snoopy

    Sideshow did a fantastic job on Wonder Woman! She looks amazing!

  • FER

    It looks fantastic. Living in Argentina, I’m a bit worried about her hair getting damaged in transit though. It’s a long way to here.

  • J.D.C.D.

    Really nice job Sideshow. I’m liking the Wonder Woman and the Superman Premium Format Figs.

  • Damien

    so…the EX is the swap out left hand holding shield….regular edition just has the arm in a fist…this piece looks AMAZEBALLS!

    • Peter

      Where did you find this out?

      • Damien

        its in the vid, if you pause it when they show the sketch concept….you can see there is type that says ex swap out hand holding shield.

        • Peter

          Thanks, I can barely read that!

  • Georgina Quiñones

    How nice!

  • Chris Campbell

    Hello Wonder Woman!

  • Joel Balceta

    I’ve been waiting for this for my JL.. Let’s start the preorder now!! Please!!!

  • Roy

    The trinity will be complete. Kal-el, Bruce better make room boys. Because here comes Princess Diana. I don’t want to wait but I guess I’ll have to.

  • Darth Snoopy

    IMO, Sideshow hit Wonder Woman out of the park! She looks AMAZING!

  • Erika San Miguel

    Can’t wait to pre-order her…..she looks amazing!!! I’m definitely getting one!! Great job!!!

  • angel dejesus

    iam getting this for my girlfriend this will be her first pf statue it’s perfect as always thank you sideshow team..

  • teewhy

    Can’t wait… I hope Flash, Aquaman and Green Arrow are on the way.

  • CeyJay Jumao-as

    Please just take my $!!! I have been waiting for this forever!!!!!!

  • Jose Castillo

    My wife and I are into DC Comics figures. My wife reminds me of Wonder Woman in so many ways I would love to get it for her.

  • Selena Mead

    I am getting this!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! <3 :D

  • ACK

    It would be obsessive to sit here refreshing for a pre-order button, right?

  • DCsuperhero88

    Good job guy’s, now bring on the preorder!!

  • DCsuperhero88

    Really nice, can’t wait to preorder.

  • michael1469

    does anyone have any idea when the pre order will be, don’t know how much longer I can wait

  • channekane

    We’ll have a nervous breakdown because of you: When should we have a full view of this amazingly beautiful Wonder Woman !!! ??? Anyway need this figure in my collection :)

  • Anthony3

    This statue is just awesome. Well done Sideshow. I hope Aquaman is up next.

  • Edison

    I have 0 sideshow pieces right now for I had to sell everything. Hopefully something will start me up again……hopefully Wonder Woman…..

    Gorgeous statue…..

  • Sith Lord

    Wow! Is that Gal Gadot? (just kidding)

  • channekane

    This amazingly strong and charming Wonder Woman looks like a Grail !!!

  • Fritz Leipold

    Wow… I’m not generally a DC fan, but that is one helluva fabulous figure!

  • DarrenBracey

    There’s no point anyone entering. I just did, therefore it’s all mine muahahah. :D

  • WonderPhoenix

    Okay it’s the 13th…I’m ready to pre-order!!!

  • Jenn

    Um, it’s the 13th… where’s the pre-order button?

  • Robert Gensinger

    I’m snowed in here…please open up the preorder!

  • Bill Roberts

    I’ve seen Sideshow advertise Wonder Woman with Batman and Superman as the Trinity, and as part of the Justice League Collection. What about the Green Lantern premium format statue? I haven’t seen it referenced or shown with these anywhere. Is the Green Lantern premium format statue actually meant to be part of the Justice League Collection, or not?

  • wonderking2000

    Done last week!!! :) Can’t wait to get it.

  • wonderking2000

    It is awesome that this is in the classic costume. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cynthia

    She looks absolutely wonderful. Stunning, powerful, and regal.

  • William Linnell

    I pre-ordered. I just had to. Now that they did this wonderful piece, when is the Linda Carter statue coming? We have Chris as Superman, Michael and Christian as Batman ad we even have a Pennyworth. And for those die hard collectors…Adam West Batman and Burt Ward Robin Premium Format figures??