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Sideshow Promotional Gift Card codes can be applied to any qualified collectible during the check-out process. Under the Order Summary portion of the check-out process, simply select the Gift Card option under the 'Apply a Coupon code Gift Card, or Reward Points' and follow the steps. Be sure to agree to the Terms and Conditions and finally click the 'Place your Order' button. Not able to apply a Gift Card code? Please contact our Customer Service Department.


Sideshow Promotional Gift Cards are given out a special functions and events all year round and are not available for direct purchase through at this time.


Simply enter your Promotional Gift Card code at the top of this page and click the 'Check Balance' button. Once the page refreshes your Promotional Gift Card expiration value and expiration date will display.


The complete terms and conditions for Sideshow Collectibles Promotional Gift Cards can be found here - Terms and Conditions