Studio Tour

Bringing you the best 3d representations of your favorite pop culture icons is hard work…and we love every minute of it!

Each piece we create represents months, sometimes years, of dedicated planning and production. In this series, we take you behind the scenes to visit the central hubs of our creative process. From our Sixth Scale articulated figures to life-sized statues, meet some of the uniquely talented artists that make it all possible. Whether you’re a long time fan or first time visitor, welcome to the Sideshow Studio Tour!

Message From The Creative Director
1Concept Corps
Every journey begins with a single step, or an adventurous leap! Our process starts here, with research, concepts and designs.
Working from the design concepts, our sculptors dig in and get their hands dirty. The Waxworks is where heroes and icons take form – literally!
3Mold Hold
Double, double, toil and trouble! Duplicating original sculptures to create prototypes is achieved through the art of mold and cast.
Next, our master painters use a variety of advanced techniques to bring sculpted figures to life with color, contrast, texture and special effects!
5Cut & Sew
Wardrobe! Our Cut & Sew experts pattern and tailor the perfect garments and accessories for our figures in every scale.
After all of the finishing touches have been applied, the Production team shepherds the prototypes through the manufacturing process and into limited edition pieces.
7Photo Lab
Lights, camera, action! In the Photo Lab, our photographers compose and deliver glamorous snapshots of the finished products.
8The Gad
Presentation is everything! Last but not least, our Graphic Arts Department designs packaging to enhance the collector experience.

Artist Profiles

Meet Sideshow Artist Zachariah Roane
Meet Sideshow Artist Zachariah Roane

Sideshow’s next Artist Profile focuses on Zachariah Roane and his journey to balance his passions by subverting the status quo.

Meet Sideshow Sculptor Alfred Paredes
Meet Sideshow Sculptor Alfred Paredes

Sideshow’s next Artist Profile puts the spotlight Alfred Paredes and his journey to make his dream as a sculptor come true.

Meet Sideshow Sculptor Will Harbottle
Meet Sideshow Sculptor Will Harbottle

Meet Sideshow sculptor Will Harbottle, who started out on a path to become an author, and found his true calling in the art of sculpture.

Artist Profile: JP Mavinga – A Journey Home
JP Mavinga – A Journey Home

Meet Sideshow illustrator JP Mavinga in this personal tribute to the perseverance of one man’s journey in search of just a place to call home.

Introducing Sideshow Sculptor Nathan Mansfield
Introducing Sideshow Sculptor Nathan Mansfield

In this exclusive Artist Profile video, Sideshow Sculptor Nathan Mansfield shares some of the steps he has taken so far in his career path of growth and change.

Meet Sideshow Painter Kat Sapene
Meet Sideshow Painter Kat Sapene

In this exclusive Artist Profile video, Sideshow’s Kat Sapene discusses the beauty of physics in art, and making choices in life.

Meet Sideshow Artist Amilcar Fong
Meet Sideshow Artist Amilcar Fong

One of the amazing illustrators behind our Court of the Dead collection, Amilcar’s work is literally both our worst nightmares and dreams come true.

Artist Profile: The imaginative world of Daniel Picard
The imaginative world of Daniel Picard

In this exclusive Artist Profile video meet Daniel Picard, the magician behind our new photography book Figure Fantasy and Graffiti War: Batman vs Superman art prints.

Artist Profile: Jeannette Villarreal
Jeannette Villarreal

Sideshow photographer Jeannette Villarreal shares how one moment set her on the path to discover the career of her dreams.

Artist Profile: Bernardo Esquivel – Painting Through the Galaxies
Bernardo Esquivel – Painting Through th…

In a galaxy not so far, far away, watching Star Wars as a child set Bernardo ‘Bernie’ Esquivel on the path toward an artistic career at Sideshow.

Artist Profile: Martin Canale
Martin Canale

In this interview, Argentinian sculptor Martin Canale talks about his inspiration and process.

Artist Profile: Tom Jilesen
Tom Jilesen

Meet Sideshow artist Tom Jilesen, a Holland native who finds joy and creativity in the simplicity of a pencil and a piece of paper.

Artist Profile: Matthew Black – Starting Over
Matthew Black – Starting Over

Sideshow Sculptor Matthew Black looks back at his childhood inspirations, and recounts an important life lesson he’s learned over the years. View All Sideshow Artist Profiles

Artist Profile: Ian MacDonald
Ian MacDonald

Try as he may to escape the calling, Sideshow artist Ian MacDonald reveals how nothing could ultimately stand in the way of his dream to draw.

Artist Profile: Steve Schumacher
Steve Schumacher

From Dreamworks Animation to Sideshow Collectibles, Steve Schumacher tells the story of his artistic journey across the country and into sculpting.

Artist Profile: Tim Hanson – Jedi Tailor
Tim Hanson – Jedi Tailor

Cut & sew artist Tim Hanson reflects on how a high school art project kick-started his career. View All Sideshow Artist Profiles

Artist Profile: Fabian Schlaga – Digital Artist
Fabian Schlaga – Digital Artist

The gifted and fearlessly dedicated Fabian ‘Monk’ Schlaga reflects on what it took to break into the competitive field of Digital Illustration and make a name for himself as an artist.

Artist Profile: Anthony Mestas – Painting is in my DNA
Anthony Mestas – Painting is in my DNA

In this episode of our Artist Profile series, Sideshow’s lead painter demonstrates the human spirit’s ability to triumph over tragedy, and in the process how he found his passion and gift.

Artist Profile: Kevin Ellis – Costume Designer
Kevin Ellis – Costume Designer

Sideshow’s own Kevin Ellis reflects on his passion for costume design and the importance of telling each character’s story through a very unique tailoring process.