Amazing Star Wars photos by mandalorianhunter

From Jakarta, Indonesia, Sideshow fan Enrico Mulyadi (aka mandalorianhunter) takes his Star Wars collection to the next level on instagram!

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mandalorianhunter: Two years ago, I got an awesome birthday gift from my girlfriend, Fenny Lita. She knew how much I love Star Wars clones and bought me my first Sixth Scale Sideshow figure, the Clone Trooper Phase 1 Commander. Previously I had collected Star Wars 3.75″ figures and vehicles, but with the articulation and accessories Sixth Scale has I fell in love! I bought Commander Cody for my second figure, and my Military collection started to grow…

I started photographing them, first with Boba Fett, and loved the result. Now I can’t stop! I can pose my figures and create scenes for anything I imagine.

I get my inspiration of course from Star Wars movies. I love seeing my favorite characters fighting, blasting, and doing action scenes. Movie posters are a good source too – they have great action poses and sweet compositions.

The original trilogy made me such an Imperial fanboy! I love Hoth and Endor scenes, and fell in love with the Snowtroopers, AT-AT, and AT-ST. I also love Stormtroopers, and searched for almost a full year for my Sideshow Stormtrooper. It’s really fun hunting down rare figures!



One of my all time favorite scenes in Star Wars is the Order 66 scene. I love Clone Troopers, and seeing them helping the Jedi Generals fight Trade Federation armies. It’s a heartbreaking scene when Emperor Palpatine launched the Order 66. My heroes turned to enemies, and seeing Jedi Masters like Ki-Adi Mundi, and Aayla Secura killed by their own commander made me incredibly sad.


I don’t have a studio, and shoot my figures with a fairly simple budget. I use a DSLR camera, but a pocket camera can produce good quality photos too. I use a desk lamp, backdrop (green or white screen), sometimes flash with triggers, tripod, and of course, creativity!

The scene where Anakin Skywalker battles Obi-Wan Kenobi on Mustafar is another big favorite of mine. When Obi-Wan Kenobi says “You were the chosen one Anakin…” I get emotional.


I use imaging software like Photoshop for the final results. Sometimes I look for tutorials on how to create certain effects, but many of them I achieved during my college days when I took Multimedia Design.

I never stop experimenting – with backgrounds, effects, and they get better each time. That’s my advice for anyone who wants to try it out. Keep at it and have fun!