My name is Titus Welliver…and I am a Sideshow Collector

We’re excited to share a very special Featured Collector video with you!

Titus Welliver is a well known actor who’s appeared in some of our favorite shows and movies over the years. From Lost to Deadwood, Sons of Anarchy to Agents of SH.I.E.L.D, he always delivers some of the most scene stealing performances.

His latest role sees him bring Michael Connelly’s character Bosch to life in the Amazon original series by the same name, combining gritty drama and ultra-sleek noir visuals in a crime thriller that’s perfect for binge-watching.

Titus is a life-long comic book fan and toy collector, with an impressive collection of superhero and movie memorabilia. His comic book knowledge topped even some of the hardcore super-geeks here at Sideshow HQ (That is no small feat).

We spent a little time hanging out with Titus to talk about his love for everything pop culture.

His collection is an eclectic mix of all the fandoms he loves, Superman rubs shoulders with a Xenomorph from Alien, Batman and Wolverine share shelf space with The Iron Giant and Snake Plissken. It’s a lifelong passion of which we were honored to get a glimpse.

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