See the Collected Souls for Spooktacular 2017– Soul Collecting Archive

During Spooktacular 2017, Sideshow is giving away over $10,000 in prizes through contests and giveaways across various platforms, including Facebook, email, InstagramTwitter, and even via livestreams on Youtube.

Apart from playing along with us on social media, collectors have a chance to take matters into their own hands and make a Spooktacular bargain using their own mortal soul as collateral for a prize-  We call this Spooktacular Soul Collecting!

When collected souls perform and complete their assigned tasks, they are asked to submit visual proof in the form of a video- but the fun doesn’t stop there!

What cruel soul collectors we would be if we didn’t share the fun with everyone?  Take a look at this compilation of lucky souls who have won so far during Spooktacular 2017!

Collected Souls

These souls are safely returned to lucky winners who upheld their end of the bargain in exchange for wonderful rewards- was the price worth the prize?  See for yourself.

  • Greg paid a cat adoption fee for the oldest cat in a shelter, Mimi, hoping to get her adopted to a good home.
  • Arnie wrapped himself in tinfoil armor and recited all of Captain Phasma’s lines from The Force Awakens.
  • Cooper rewrote “This is Halloween” to have full Spooktacular lyrics- and then performed it!
  • Todd took a selfie with his barista, who wrote and called out #SideshowSpooktacular2017 on his coffee cup!
  • Nathan visited a library while dressed as a Ghostbuster, and found a book on photosynthesis as requested by the soul collectors.
  • ThatGuyHugs on Youtube dressed as Chewbacca and completed a grocery shopping trip- he had to buy a pineapple, Cheerios, and a can of soda and only communicate in character.
  • Baraa shaved the Sideshow ‘S’ into his beard and completed three tasks at the gym as instructed by the soul collectors.
  • Frank dressed as Spider-Man and handed out candy and flyers reading “I sold my Soul to Sideshow” at a local mall.
  • Lindsey sculpted a porg in the likeness of Sideshow Susan, complete with coffee mug and glasses!
  • Amanda spent a day with dogs at a shelter.  Awww!
  • Harrison rewrote a song from Moana as an ode to Court of the Dead.
  • Logan and his sons danced the David. S. Pumpkins dance in costume.
  • Jonathan filled 4 empty Premium Format boxes with clothes and donated them to Goodwill.
  • Rasmus wore his cat as a hat, and then gave her treats.
  • Joey asked Kitty to name his pet turtles, and then he made Spooktacular-themed name placards for them.
  • Stefanie bought flowers and passed them out to random people in a mall, telling them, “You are worthy!”.
  • Phil was bitten by the Sideshow Wolf, and went out in public with a wolf head costume, holding a sign that explained his unfortunate condition.
  • Gladys cooked a special dinner for her husband, while wearing a costume.
  • Paige took her children reverse trick-or-treating and passed out candy to others.

Poor, Unfortunate Souls

See here those tasks that went unfulfilled, whose souls were left to wander…

Thank your lucky stars, there seem to be none here yet!

Start thinking of ways to sell your soul to Sideshow for next year’s Spooktacular celebration- you never know who might be in the mood to barter!

Join us all week long for Spooktacular fun, and be sure to read our Survival Guide.  Stay tuned to our social media and the blog to keep up on all the action!