Unleash Maximum Carnage with this Production Gallery Update

We’re gonna paint the whole world red!

The killer symbiote Carnage Premium Format™ Figure is shipping soon, so we’ve clawed up a production gallery update on this crazed criminal.

Standing 22″ tall atop a base of destruction and debris, Carnage lunges forward to attack his next victim.  His razor-sharp symbiote claws are spread wide and twisting tendrils of the alien substance trail behind him in a flurry of motion.

Carnage has a killer smile, with terrifying fangs exposed as he leaps after foes like Spider-Man, and anyone who dares stand in his way.  His body is sculpted with a detailed red physique enveloped by snaking, writhing symbiote which seems to come to life as he makes his attack.

The Exclusive edition of Carnage includes a swap-out left arm that has mutated into a double-bladed axe head.  The Exclusive is still available to order on our website.

Unleash your inner evil with the Carnage Premium Format Figure!  Display him alongside Spider-Man and various other villains for a killer Marvel collection.