Court of the Dead

Only Death and his Court of the Dead can save us from the savage war between Heaven and Hell that is eating up the souls of mankind. Sideshow is proud to introduce its debut original property: The Court of the Dead.

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Archived Products

 Skratch: Hound of the Executioner

Skratch: Hound of the Executio…Skratch: Hound…

Premium Format™ Figure
$149.99 USD

 Valkyrie of the Dead

Valkyrie of the DeadValkyrie of th…

Premium Format™ Figure
$399.99 USD

 Deaths Siren

Deaths SirenDeaths Siren

Premium Format™ Figure
$399.99 USD

 Queen of the Dead

Queen of the DeadQueen of the D…

Premium Format™ Figure
$379.99 USD

 The Red Death

The Red DeathThe Red Death

Premium Art Print
$50.00 USD

 Heavy Metal A Mortal Rising

Heavy Metal A Mortal RisingHeavy Metal A …

Premium Art Print
$79.99 USD