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Made by Sideshow Collectibles

Snake Eyes and Timber

Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 5000


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About This Sixth Scale Figure

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Snake Eyes and Timber Sixth Scale Figure set. Featuring a detailed TAD Gear costume and a full arsenal of weaponry, the famed GI Joe Commando is joined by his indispensable companion Timber in this exceptional figure set.

 Snake Eyes and Timber Sixth Scale Figure

What's in the Box?

The Snake Eyes and Timber Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Snake Eyes - Prometheus Body - Muscular Arm Version with 16 points of articulation
  • Timber - Fully Posable with 12 points of articulation
  • Two Snake Eyes Portraits - one with visor, one with goggles
  • Detailed costume includes a TAD Gear Messenger Bag, Commando Sweater, and other new fabric elements
  • Uzi
  • XCR PDW Rifle
  • MP-SMG
  • Grenade Launcher with multiple grenades
  • Assortment of switch-out hands
  • Pistol and Holster
  • Daito Sword
  • Scabbard

Product Details

G.I. Joe
Sixth Scale Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
12" H (304.8mm)

6.5" H (165.1mm) x 11" L (279.4mm)*
Box Size
8.00" H (203.2mm) x 12.00" W (304.8mm) x 17.00" L (431.8mm)*
Dimensional Weight
8.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
10.0000 lbs*
Size and weight are approximate values.
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Trevor Grove (Sculpt), Tim Niver (Sculpt), Idol Workshop (Sculpt), David Whitford (Paint), Nathan Eakins (Paint), Kevin Ellis (Costume Fabrication), Seth Rinaldi (Design), The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

© 2012 Hasbro

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ultimate snake eyes

this is truely the most ultimate snake eyes. 82version, 85 version, timber, and a slew of weapons make this the best snake eyes 1/6 scale figure ever. no one needs to miss out on this!!

An excellent effort

Good job from Sideshow on this. I wish timber's limbs would hold a pose better but overall I'm very happy. Great price too.

Very glad I bought him

The number of accessories are incredible and he can carry all of it at once! This figure is loaded. My only complaint is that Timber has trouble supporting his own weight. Awesome figure.

WAY BETTER IN REAL LIFE!!! Reviewing the exclusive edition

Wow, surprised this is still in stock, after finally getting one and being stunned at the awesome actual final product head sculpts, the accessories, the size and weight of Timber, and so on!!! I don't normally like to gush about a product, but for my fellow collectors or Joe fans, PICK THIS GUY UP!

New York, NY Reviewing the exclusive edition

Excellent figure! Great interpretation of Snake Eyes. You will not be disappointed with this beauty, The gear, weapons, accessories, are what make this figure rock! First thing you should do is swap out the stock sweater with a black tactical sweater from THE REVENGER 1/6 figure!

Reviewing the exclusive edition

nice doggie Reviewing the exclusive edition

Duke the Action Dog, a Kenner toy of a German Shepard. I cannot help notice some similarities between duke and timber.I cant help wonder if duke inspired timbers design! I really hope to see more canine figures produced ie junkyard. Timber and snake eyes are high quality and beautifully designed

I love this figure!!! Reviewing the exclusive edition

My absolute favorite Joe of all time, in the best possible figure ever! This Snake eyes rocks! Timber is pretty sweet to boot. All the weapons are super cool, and he looks sick fighting the two ninjas i got to pose with him! I even did some stop motion with him. This figure makes me geek right out!

snakes is back

you will not regret letting this guy creep onto your shelf.

Commando Style!! Reviewing the exclusive edition

I really love the look of this version of Snake Eyes, now I have the Commando version to go along with the first released Ninja style Snake Eyes. The accessories blew me away, not to forget that Timber is just plain awesome next to Snake Eyes. Bring on Blowtorch SSC, you never fail to impress!!!!

Snake Eyes And Timber Reviewing the exclusive edition

The Snake EyesAnd Timber set is awesome. I missed out on the original Snake Eyes release in 2009 because I like the commando version better and thought that the original release was too scrawny. I like the fact that you get both popular portraits for Snake Eyes. Timber is superb as well.



The Best! Reviewing the exclusive edition

I have every Snake Eyes and Timber figures ever made, and this is the cat's pajamas. Timber is huge and has lots of articulation. Gives me hope Sideshow might do a Mutt and Junkyard or Law & Order set.

Simply The Best! Reviewing the exclusive edition

I missed out on the original Snake Eyes offering. I was waiting for a new issue. This one was it! Well worth it. This one is awesome! Well done in creating this version! Yo Joe! Pictures do this little justice. Just get it!

Loving this Snake Eyes. Reviewing the exclusive edition

I just got this figure and am loving every bit of it. I have been collecting the sideshow G.I.Joe line since Firefly and I am really glad you went back and did this version of Snake Eyes. Even my Wife loves Timber. This is a must for any G.I.Joe fans out there.

Amazing Snake Eyes!! Reviewing the exclusive edition

What an amazing figure. The sculpts on every piece are fantastic. I love how some of the pieces of the guns move. Even the pistol top slides back like it would after the last round ejects. You cannot go wrong with this figure if you are a Snake Eyes fan.

Incredibly awesome. Reviewing the exclusive edition

Sideshow has done it again. You guys never cease to amaze me. Another piece for my collection that'll be sure to draw tons of attention. The details from the packaging to Snake Eyes' gear is INSANE. Timber is massive which looks so badass along Snake Eyes whose articulation is also very impressive.

Perfect Snake-Eyes! Reviewing the exclusive edition

This figure set is totally badass! I was shocked at how *huge* Timber is! They both somehow look way better up close than the photos portray. So glad Sideshow went back and really nailed this figure for people like me who missed out the first time around. The included accessories are just sick!