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Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 3250

About This Statue

“Oh sure, they have armies, and they have armadas, but we… we have OUR DRAGONS!”

He is the unholy offspring of lightning and death itself.

Sideshow is excited to present the Toothless statue from the How to Train Your Dragon films! A member of the deadly Night Fury species, Toothless turns out to be a loyal, friendly dragon after a bit of training from the chief’s son Hiccup.

This statue stands at 12 inches in height, capturing the majesty Berk’s jet-black dragon defender as he looks out from a rocky crag base. He has scale texturing on his legs and head, as well as claws that grip the mossy rocks where he stands.

Looking out over the lush Viking homeland, Toothless wears a sculpted harness designed by Hiccup to steer the dragon during flight. His lofty wings are open, ready to take to the skies for another adventure with his rider.

Toothless’s tail gently curls down the rocky base, showing off the replacement fin that Hiccup built specially for him. The prosthetic red fin comes complete with a painted Viking skull design, giving Toothless some extra flair in flight.

Based on his appearance in How to Train Your Dragon 2, Toothless also has subtle blue paint accenting his spine ridges, indicating to all other dragons that this Night Fury is an alpha dragon and a formidable leader.

We can’t help but smile when we see Toothless in all of his glory! Train this dragon and add him to your collection today.

How to Train Your Dragon
Sideshow Collectibles
  • Ian MacDonald (Design)
  • Dan Katcher (Design)
  • Stjepan Sejic (Design)
  • Pure Arts (Sculpt, Mold & Cast, Paint)
  • The Sideshow Design and Development Team

Additional Details & Dimensions

Resin, Plastic
Product Size
12" H (304.8mm) x 9.5" W (241.3mm) x 13.5" L (342.9mm)*
Box Size
11.00" H (279.4mm) x 17.00" W (431.8mm) x 25.00" L (635mm)*
Product Weight
9.00 lbs (4.08 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
21.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
34.0000 lbs*

* Size and weight are approximate values.
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DreamWorks Dragons © 2017 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

 Toothless Statue

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What Collectors Are Saying

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I love it so much!

I absolutely LOVE my Toothless statue. It arrived on my birthday last January and ever since, I have cherished it. The quality is astounding, I am seriously hoping you guys will do a continuation with the characters in the series like Hiccup, and the Light Fury. I would snatch them up immediately!

Animation brought to still life!

I've had Toothless for several months now, and I still expect him to flap his wings every time I look at him - which is everyday. Superb. Even the box he came in is art.

Continue the line!!

Have had my Toothless for a while now, and it is flawless and a great standalone piece. But seeing the trailer for the upcoming sequel makes me want, no, NEED a Light Fury companion piece!


I finally got my big black cat!! Haha. Loved him in the movies and shows and now to actually have a small, very detailed statue of toothless, I have no words for this amazing statue. Packaging was fantastic and Im very satisfied.

So happy!!

My partner and I just received our little baby in the mail today - he's perfect!! Such amazing detail in this figure and it matches with our Alduin and Smaug statues nicely :-D Thank you so much Sideshow!!


I was crying tears of joy when I opened this guy. I am an enormous fan of HTTYD, and after my sister bought me the art print for my birthday, I had to have this beautiful Toothless statue. He arrived today and I could not be happier. Thank you, Sideshow!!

Amazing Statue!

Best merchandise a Dragons fan can own! This statue is very well detailed and captures Toothless's appearance from Dragons 2 quite well. Arrived with no damage as well.

A Real Treat

This is the best piece of merch for How To Train Your Dragon hands down. Toothless is absolutely adorable and really stands out in my collection. The paintwork is very lovely, and the hints of blue really stand out. I just wish Toothless had an optional head with his tongue showing, but that's ok.


thank's for the product came in perfect no damage all is amazing good paint job he is so CUTE it's f amazing ^^

As magnificent as it gets!

I finally got my Toothless and can only say...WOW! The detail is incredible and the statue is amazing! Intact and magnificent! My very first order from Sideshow and I already have a few other products ordered(more will follow)! AMAZING job Sideshow team! I love it! Keep up the fantastic work!


I absolutely love my toothless. Couldnt explain the happiness of opening him. Hes perfect in every way. So full of detail! The size is awesome too. LOVE HIM!

Fantastic Little dragon

I've got my Toothless statue today, with a bit of inconveniences (due to delivery issues). But he is a fantastic little dragon very well detailed as used to be Sideshow figures I am very happy with him!

A Night (Fury) to Remember

An absolutely wonderful sculpt worthy of the Alpha dragon! Fantastic detail all around this piece from the tiny ridges on the legs and tail down to the minutiae of Hiccup's saddle. If you're a big Dragons fan (like me), consider this statue a must-own.


I LOVE him. This is my first ever statue and i can't see anything missing. I got #34. I did break a wing-end of, but i can fix it. I'm trying to replicate him in 3D on my Youtube, so this will help a lot!

It is Toothless!! Attitude and all.

Wow, amazing in every way. From box to final assembly. Detail is just a joy to discover ! Every time i study on his appearance.. more in love with the dragon I fall. Really took my pains and aches away to replace with joy. Best xmas gift ever! 1.6 figure now of him??


This statue is beautiful! He makes the perfect addition to my Toothless collection.


I really love this

Simply Beautiful

The over all Paint job is Beautiful. Sculpt is simple in his body position but his skin texture, wings and harness detailing is stunning. The only weird thing is that the magnets are only on the head to body and body to base, what about the tail? Mine has a small scratch on black the tail wing.


Beautiful statue, eye effect paint was better than on the pictures, overall awesome paint job! Arrived in perfect condition, simply stunning!

Exquisitely Done!!!!

My Toothless arrived in perfect condition. I am in awe at what a great job they did. He looks perfect. Now all I need is a statue when Toothless lets Hiccup touch him for the first time. Maybe a music box with Forbidden Friendship playing.


Toothless is such beautiful statue, the paint app is so good, got mine yesterday. thank you sideshow team

Sideshow Does it Again

Received my 731 of 3250 Toothless statue today. I could not be happier. The paint job and textures are beautiful. The base is life like. Especially the grass. This is my favorite SS piece after my Exclusive Thanos on Throne. Keep the high quality statues coming of all our beloved characters, SS!

Beautiful Item

This statue is intricately detailed and textured. I give major respect to the artists behind this incredible piece. I'm such a huge fan of Toothless and this is my most favorite thing right now.