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The Berserker Predator

Life-Size Bust by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 1250

About This Life-Size Bust

Sideshow is proud to partner with KNB EFX GROUP to bring you the Predators Collectible line from the 2010 film release. Each prop replica is an exact full-scale reproduction of the original on-screen prop, as created by KNB. The Berserker Predator Life-Size Bust is cast in fiberglass and polystone, featuring an intricate hand-finished paint application. Standing nearly three-feet high, The Berserker Predator Life-Size Bust is an incredible addition to any Predator legacy display, the centerpiece of any collection.

Life-Size Bust
Sideshow Collectibles
  • KNB EFX Group
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Additional Details & Dimensions

Product Size
33" H (838.2mm) x 30" W (762mm) x 22" L (558.8mm)*
Box Size
44.00" H (1117.6mm) x 40.00" W (1016mm) x 48.00" L (1219.2mm)*
Product Weight
51.00 lbs (23.13 kg)*
Est. Shipping Weight
53.00 lbs (24.04 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
Int'l Dim. Weight

* Size and weight are approximate values.
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Oversized Item: The shipping cost will be calculated on dimensional weight rather than product weight for this item due to its oversized dimensions.


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 The Berserker Predator Life-Size Bust

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What Collectors Are Saying

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I waited a year before I bought, SS stated I actually got the last one. $999, well worth it. Could not even get box in front door. Perfect piece for my Pred room. Telling you now, get this no matter what!!!


this piece looks good in the pictures, but when you get this and see it in person it blows your mind with the size HOLY MOTHER it is huge don't hesitate buy it ASAP before its gone.


Man o' man, this is sweet.

Beyond awesomness!

This is by far the best collectible in my predator collection! If you are a predator fan buy this before its to late,when this is gone it will go for BIG money on ebay. PS: It weigh 7kg more than SS says on the site.


I finally got this beast in my collection and WOW, I'm truly amazed in the amount of detail and work put into this bust. Hell this bust deserves 10 Stars and 2 thumbs up. Thanks Sideshow for making my dreams come true. This is a Predators fan must have piece. Keep up the magnificent work Sideshow!

Good Lord It's Pretty

This may not get published as I don't personally own this piece but a close friend has one and I've had plenty of face to face time with him. It's huge, it's detailed, it's gorgeous. I honestly started laughing when I saw it, I was blown away. Come on, for $999, it's a steal. Anyone need a kidney..?

Too Enormous!!!

This piece is so big I bring it in my car without box..The weight is incredible..but in my room this monster seems REAL! It's amazing! If you haven't got this Berserker you can't understand! Above 5 Stars

Fantastic Mr Black

Hello, I am from Spain. When this piece arrives and I opened it, wowwwwwwwwww ItB4s awesome, bigger and terrorific, aal friends taht come to my home and see it tell me that is a fantastic Predator Bust. Congratulations Sideshow, Great job

Lock up the ladies and kids!!!

Once you put this in the house lock up the wife and kids and give the dog to the neighbor,it will scare the stuff right out of ya! This is one large piece and will demand your attention!!! Great piece and what a beast!!


Amazing. An extraordinary reproduction. The size, the weight. WAAAAOUUUU.


I thought the original and Wolf busts were impressive but this one blows them out of the water, both in terms of size and detail. The shoulder cannon is especially cool. It looks very imposing next to the other two busts. Extremely expensive but you can certainly see the value and the materials used

One Ugly MF!

the box is freakin Huge! the bust weight about 75lbs, all arrive in perfect condition, surprise all the dreads/quills are undamage, paints are okay, a little matt, some clear glossy a little touchup wont hurt, i can see this become a grail someday just like the P1 bust, 4/5 star

this guy is one BIG PIG.

i dont even know what to say on this piece, it crushes everything. it makes my predator legendary scale bust look like a wal-mart toy. we had to take the legend maker out of the box to get it in the house. its all snow and ice up here wish i had a camera to show it.

If you think this is big, think BIGGER!

I knew when this piece arrived, that the detail would be incredible...and it is. And after knowing what the measurements were, I knew it was gonna be a large piece. But it still shocked me when I saw it in person...make sure you have wide door frames, cuz this one is a MONSTER!!!