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Made by Sideshow Collectibles

Gamorrean Guard

Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 3500      

Product Summary

From the planet Gamorr, the Gamorrean species consists of brutish, porcine humanoids who maintain a feudal level of technology and tolerate a remarkable amount of violence in their everyday activities. Interstellar procedures programs for visiting Gamorr consist of one line: DO NOT VISIT GAMORR.

While Gamorreans have been introduced to modern blaster and weapon technology, they prefer to hack and slash with axes, swords and maces. They only use modern weaponry when off-planet. Most Gamorreans have green skin, pig-like snouts and yellowed tusks protruding from jowled cheeks. These complement the small, yellow horns the Gamorreans have growing from the top of their heads. Jabba the Hutt was known to use dim-witted Gamorreans as enforcers and bodyguards, outfitting them with leather and metal uniforms.

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Product Details

Star Wars
Sixth Scale Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
12" H (304.8mm)*
Box Size
7.00" H (177.8mm) x 9.00" W (228.6mm) x 16.00" L (406.4mm)*
Product Weight
4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*
Est. Shipping Weight
4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
5.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
6.0000 lbs*
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Product Sku

Kevin Ellis, Don Rutherford, The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

© 2010 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM.

What's in the Box?

The Gamorrean Guard Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • All new articulated figure body
  • Authentic likeness of Gamorrean Guard
  • Detailed costume including authentic leather belt and fur elements
  • Vibro-ax
  • Polearm
  • Two (2) sets of switch-out hands

What Collectors are saying about the Gamorrean Guard Sixth Scale Figure

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Cool variation on the deluxe edition sculpt. Has a really cool noir feel to a classic SW character. The red/blue led lights jump right out. I'm really digging this Unpainted Prototype edition.

Is this r2?

Wow looks like a,completely different DROID we love it just jumps out at you!!

Excellent 1st buy

I bought mine at celebration europe and I like it a lot. Love the details and lights. It is my first 1/6 scale and I am planning to collect all the droids in this series. 1 minor thing. In the dark the light can be seen through the dome. Maybe 1 layer of paint on the inside would prevent this.


Looks Great with the Throne Environment. I am glad that I got him and Gartogg. Keep up the good work SSC.

Mean Green Machine

Fantastic figure, great to get a unique figure not only head but of course the body too, bought 2 look like they are straight off the movie set

Once again EXCELLENT!

got mine today from my local comic shop. WOW awesome detail, keep up the good work. im very impressed.

. . . and this little piggy went to Jabba's Palace

With Thrawn, Hammerhead, Yoda, and now this, Sideshow has really hit its stride when it comes to the alien inhabitants of the galaxy "far, far, away." He is effortlessly the best 12" Gamorrean figure on the market. So clear some space in your collection now, before Jabba hogs them all!

Love My Gammy!!

I've been looking forward to this little guy since SC first started the SW line and...He's terrific!! The weapons are very well done - lots of battle-worn detail. Costume, head sculpt and paint are all very nice. Now, I just need to find the money to build my Gamorrean army! Thanks again, Sideshow!



Really good figure

Loved the sculpt and costume. It would have been great to have the jaw articulated and maybe some articulation at the waist. However that said I do like it and it looks great next to Jabba and Bib Thanks sideshow. Would like to know the edition number please :>

GimmeMorean Gamorrean Please!

Sideshow, I just don't know how you do it! The 12" line is getting better and better. The Gamorrean Guard is a dream come true. Thank you for all the hard work that went into it! Please keep making more Jabba's Palace aliens! We need them.

Perfect fit at Jabba's Palace!!!!!

I ordered two of these bad boys, and when I unpacked the first one i was glad i did. the detail is great and the size wow, nicely done Sideshow nailed this character head on!!!!! Cant wait till I get Gartog!!!

Better than I'd dared to hope

I was surprised by the degree of articulation in my Gamorrean when he arrived, hidden as it is beneath those arms. Great figure. Really makes its presence known in my rather large collection.

Love it! Detailed with great articulation

The pictures don't do this figure justice. Arrived today and removed him from the box to find out that he has plenty of articulation. Love the detailed costume and accessories. Might have to get another to compliment Gortogg :) Another fine job Sideshow!