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Made by Sideshow Collectibles


Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Militaries of Star Wars   

Limited Edition: 6000      

Product Summary

Soldiers unswervingly loyal to the Emperor, stormtroopers represented the most visible extension of Imperial might. They were shock troopers meant to strike with speed and accuracy, putting down insurrections and maintaining order on the farflung worlds of the Empire. Stormtroopers served both the ground-based armies of Palpatine's forces, and the space-based Imperial starfleet.

Stormtrooper training stressed complete indoctrination in the tenets of the New Order, and individuals would obey their officers without question, without regard to the rights of others or even to their own safety. Stormtroopers abandoned individuality in exchange for their loyalty. They are completely encased in a white armored spacesuit shell, and are armed with blaster pistols or blaster rifles. Their helmets contain comlinks for long-range communications. Officers were denoted with colored shoulder pauldrons. Specific environments called for specially trained and equipped stormtroopers, such as the snowtroopers that besieged the ice world of Hoth and the lightly-armored scout trooper that patrolled the forests of Endor.

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Product Details

Star Wars
Sixth Scale Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
12" H (304.8mm)*
Box Size
5.00" H (127mm) x 9.00" W (228.6mm) x 15.00" L (381mm)*
Product Weight
3.00 lbs (1.36 kg)*
Est. Shipping Weight
4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
3.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
10.0000 lbs*
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Product Sku

Hot Toys, Oluf Hartviggson, Jared Chapman, Tim Hanson, Bernardo Esquivel, Heath Hammond, Jesse Lincoln, Chadwick Andersen, The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

© 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM.

What's in the Box?

The Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Fully articulated male body (armored body) with 30+ points of articulation
  • Bodysuit
  • Fully detailed armor set with helmet and belt with holster
  • Thermal detonator with metal belt clip
  • Interchangeable hands
  • Stormtrooper blaster
  • 12-inch Figure Display Base with Star Wars logo

What Collectors are saying about the Stormtrooper Sixth Scale Figure

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This is a spectacular figure. It was my first piece and is absolutely stunning. It looks like someone plucked him straight out of the film! 5/5

Only Sideshow imperial Stormtroopers are so precis

The best sixth scale stormtrooper hands down!! Great detail and sculpt. The E-11 blaster has amazing detail that I wasn't expecting. Would have earned 5 stars except for mine had some sloppy helmet paint. Still a great figure!


Es una figura espectacular, la armadura es de plastico duro, el casco es igualito al original, lo unico delicado es el arma que es de plastico y que a mi me vino con las articulaciones un poco flojas.

Canadian Stormtrooper

My first order with Sideshow Collectibles and I am fairly pleased. The armor looks great. The only improvement would be a tighter chest armor. Nice poses and the helmet looks fantastic.

waited for 30 years

thank you sideshow for this spot on, dead on figure of the stormtrooper the detail is beyond amazing!!! ive been waiting for thirty years for this figure to come out thank you

Build Your Army

It goes without saying that you need multiples of these 12" Stormtrooper figures in your collection. When you have more than one, it breathes that much more life into your collection! The more the merrier and more to make your Darth Vader figure happy! Excellent work Sideshow!


You couldnt have wished upon a star for anything better. This figure is just amazing. Love all the details and how poseable he is. The Helment is awesome too how the airholes are dicut. I also love the holster and the detonator on his back. You guys really outdid yourselves on this one hes terriffic

It's great!

It's relay good replica, but the size is not the same of my other figures. Is more big. So far is pretty cool. For the price is ok!

what a stormin trooper!!!

very high quality and a must have for any s,w collector . i now have 43 sideshow figures ranging from james bond to scarface , all still sealed in the box. please release idividual clear perspex cases so i can display them properly !!!!!


Wow... I own 6 other Sideshow 12" figures and I have to say this one is the most amazing. The detail on the armor is fantastic. It looks like a mini version of a Stormtrooper right out of the movie. Great job Sideshow! I am trying to resist the urge to get a second one!

Sideshow Stormtrooper

Finally someone got it right! Absolutely the best 12" version Stormtrooper to date. Great job Sideshow! The body articulation is superb and the armor detailing is spot on. So nice I ordered two for my collection.

"There's one. Set for stun!"

I got my first 12 inch stormtrooper in 1979. The original 12" Kenner stormie was my favorite...until now! Sideshow's 12" stormtrooper is truly awesome! Loved it so much I bought six! Thanks again, Sideshow!

Awesome model!

Another fantastic model, well done Sideshow! I wasn't really sure what to expect with this model with the armour and all but it is really well done and is currently taking pride of place on my desk. Good job!

Great but not perfect

The first time I pulled this guy out of the box, I noticed that the finish was different from the prototype that they showed at Comic Con. It doesn't have that nice glossy finish. The armor pieces are also hard which makes it move around too much when you try different poses. Still a nice figure!


Thanks Sideshow for another great 12in figure. The body articulation is great and the armor is very clean in its construction. The vent holes in the helmet were not expected! The only thing I would recommend that would have earned 5 stars,is the black paint on the hands, pealed off some.

Best Stormtrooper so far...

I think overall it's a great piece. Mine has bad paint on mask and slop on the shoulder for some reason. But looks good on the shelf. The exclusive blaster is a pretty bad exclusive. A mouse droid would've been better. IMO. Looking forward to Vader.

Just shy of Perfect

As an owner of actual Stormtrooper armor I must say this figure has all the pieces just like the real costume! Unlike the prototype however, the actual finish is not as glossy and the chest plate needs to be reworked in boiling water to wrap around the chest like in the pictures.

The best Sideshow figure yet!!!

I just recieved this figure today and was blown away. The armor is stunning and the most accurate i have seen yet. The fit and spacing is spot on. Please do a Han and Luke set in the Stormtrooper armor for Comicon 09. It would be easy all you have to do is resculpt heads.

The Stormtrooper Will WOW You!

The 12" Stormtrooper from Sideshow is the first ever accurate version of this character from Star Wars. Every detail was captured and is sure to be the definitive 1/6 scale version of this figure realized in collectible form.