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Product Summary

The Life-size Cylon figure, as seen in the modern 'Battlestar Galactica', is manufactured exclusively by Fred Barton Productions, Inc. of Kissimmee, Florida and licensed through Universal Studios. Each Cylon is hand-made using only the finest materials, and overseen by the 'Robot Man' himself, Fred Barton.

This outstanding 7-foot replica features both the haunting visor lights of the robotic soldier synchronized to the menacing, eerie hum of the Cylon Centurion. It is sure to impress not only fellow fans of the epic 'Battlestar Galactica' saga, but those who are just encountering the stunning Cylon robot for the first time.

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Product Details

Battlestar Galactica
Life-Size Figure
Fred Barton Productions
Product Size
84" H (2133.6mm) x 36" W (914.4mm) x 40" D (1016mm)*
Est. Shipping Weight
300.00 lbs (136.08 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
Int'l Dim. Weight
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Product Sku

Artists: Fred Barton Productions Inc.

) 2007 Universal Studios. Copyright )2007 Fred Barton Productions Inc

What's in the Box?

The Cylon Life-Size Figure features:

  • 100% fiberglass body
  • Professional Showroom Finish
  • Hand-machined aluminum, brass, and acrylic detail
  • Advanced Electronics
  • Stereo Audio
  • Red LED light effects in visor