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Made by Sideshow Collectibles


Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 1500      

Product Summary


As a young boy, Wayne R. Sneeden was tormented by his peers and lived a poverty-stricken life in Auburn, Alabama. He persevered to graduate as high school valedictorian, but he was far from showing others just how much he could achieve. He went through Airborne and Ranger school in the U.S. Army, and his character was tested when he took a dangerous assignment as a Covert Ops advisor in Central America. His advanced training and skill caught the attention of the G.I.JOE team, America's most elite fighting squadron, and Sneeden adopted the code name BEACHHEAD as he became the team's ranger. He quickly gained a reputation as a composed and stalwart soldier, holding himself and his fellow Joes to extremely high standards.

Beachhead's fellow soldiers have the utmost respect for him, though he has not risen through the ranks of the G.I.JOE Team like many of his peers. He does whatever it takes to accomplish a mission - even if that means displaying a certain amount of contempt for rules and regulations. As a result, he is always first on the field to lay down fire against COBRA's armies and the last to leave until each of his fellow men and women in uniform are safe and sound.

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Product Details

G.I. Joe
Sixth Scale Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
12" H (304.8mm)*
Box Size
9.00" H (228.6mm) x 13.00" W (330.2mm) x 17.00" L (431.8mm)*
Product Weight
3.00 lbs (1.36 kg)*
Est. Shipping Weight
4.00 lbs (1.81 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
9.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
12.0000 lbs*
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Product Sku

Kevin Ellis, Seth Rinaldi, Josh Small, Anthony Mestas, Jesse Lincoln, Tim Niver, Jared Chapman, The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

© 2010 Hasbro

What's in the Box?

The Beachhead Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • Pro Body 1.2 with over 30+ points of articulation
  • Beachhead portrait
  • Neck cover
  • Rolled fabric beret
  • Commando sweater with detailed patches
  • Dog Tags
  • Detailed pants with pockets
  • Assault vest
  • Assault backpack
  • Boots
  • Pistol Belt
  • Drop leg .45 holster
  • .45 quadruple magazine shingle
  • MOLLE belt
  • Drop leg MOLLE platform
  • Compass Pouch
  • Three sets of interchangeable gloved hands
  • XMLR-3A Laser rifle
  • Single point rifle sling
  • .45 1911 Pistol
  • .45 magazine x 6
  • Red smoke grenade
  • Yellow smoke grenade
  • Fragmentation grenade x 3
  • Tactical Railed Crossbow
  • Crossbow bolt x 5
  • Hip Quiver
  • Combat knife with sheath
  • Robinson Arms XCR(R) Short Barrel Rifle with folding stock
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • M68/CCO Red Dot Sight
  • 3x Optical Magnifier with flip-to-side mount
  • Tac light
  • Rail panels x 2
  • Magpul(R) P-Mag x 5
  • Climbing rope
  • 12-inch display base with G.I. Joe logo

What Collectors are saying about the Beachhead Sixth Scale Figure

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Beachhead was ALWAYS my favorite Joe when I was kid, and I probably soiled myself when Sideshow announced they were giving him their treatment. Sideshow absolutely NAILED his likeness. It's perfect. If my house were on fire, and I could only grab one Sideshow figure... I'd grab this one.

Rangers Lead This Joe Line

Love how BH got the Sideshow treatment...full load out of gear with guns, crossbow, XLMR rifle, grenades, arrows. His vest is top notch with all the pockets to carry his clips. The best part? The "Popeye" portrait and his red beret...always wondered what that red thing on him was!!!

No rawhide here

If your looking for a one man army to keep your other collectables inline, then Beachheads your man. His character and gear are exceptionally well realized in this release. His back pack and webgear have lots of extra space to add extra gear to truly make it yours.

A Work Of Art!!!!!

When I received this figure I was in awe, so much detail, so many accessories, and the sideshow exclusive portrait made this figure simply stunning, money well worth spent, this ranks as the second best figure to only Firefly. Keep up the amazing work Sideshow, you know how to please the masses!!!!


this is my first ssc but not my last. beechhead is way better than i expected. leaps and bounds above the rest. if you are a fan of gi joe. these 12 inch figures are a must. great job sideshow. keep em coming!


This figure is amazing. Way to go SS!!! They brought Beachhead to life with this piece.

Codename: Beachhead

The one-man assault team just parachuted in 3 days after ordering. The box is in excellent condition. I can't comment on the contents as I haven't decided if I will remove it from the box. This is a collector's item and they appreciate in value over time. Ty SS!

Just about what I expected.

This is my first sideshow 12 inch fig. I love it! And I hope to keep collecting more!


every figure seems to get better and beachhead did not disapoint me in any way. he teams up great in a fight with firefly.

All I Can Say Is "THANK YOU"

The figures look incredible! I am a kid from the 80's and played with all the classic Joes. Please keep making the brings back the memories. I can't wait to get the first batch of 4 I ordered.

Didn't want to leave it behind.

Beachhead is the best Joe so far done by Sideshow. I only hope SS continues to get better with each and every Joe like they have with Beachhead. His load out is great. The cross bow is awesome. Only negative is SS didn't give us enough magazines to fill the ammo pouches.

"never leave a man behind."

picked mine up yesterday. Another great figure. A total upgrade over firefly. Good accessiories good overall figure. Liked the unmasked head. A great change. Bring on Dusty!

Magpul - the real deal

Incredible figure!! Excellent weapons, great clothes detail, the M4 looks bomb, especially the aimpoint scopes. I Absolutely love the fact that I can pull the pants over his boots. His upper body is perfect and I hope all others follow with this type 2. Well done again sideshow!!!

Great Job, SC!!! :-)

Wow....SC, you did another great job. BH looks great. I love everything about him. He is one of my favorites. I will continue to buy this GI Joe 12" line. I'm also looking forward to your GI Joe PF line. Keep em coming! :-)

Pure Military Goodness

As has been the case with this line from the start another amazing figure. The details in the weapons, sculpt, and outfit are top notch. They look dead on to what you would see on the battlefield. The paint apps are simply the best in this line.

What can I say?

This figure makes me very happy that I invested into this series. The accessories and the details on this figure is top notch! And I love the exclusive! It's even better in person! Thanks for the amazing work Sideshow! Looking forward to the next set of figures!

Solid Version of Beachhead

Arrived in the mail yesterday, They just keep getting better. Beachhead is very solid and everything fits very well, maybe even better than Firefly (Maybe :). Keep Up the good work SC. Bring on Shipwreck ....

Rangers lead the way...

...All the way. Simply fantastic. Beachhead takes the crown from Firefly as the crown jewel of what should be Sideshow's flagship 1/6 line. Please show the same amount of love to the Joe line as you do the Star Wars line, Sideshow (read: more releases!!!).

We need to talk about your deoderant...

This figure is so geared out it is incredible. I am always amazed at how SSC can modernize these characters yet still capture the essence of their iconic look.I am on board with the Joe line for the long haul and I hope the rest of the figures in this line can live up to this piece. Another home run


Best Joe figure yet! Firefly and Beachhead are the best in the line thus far. I absolutely love the unmasked portrait! Looks like SSG Sneeden has a real nasty habit. Outstanding job! Keep up the great work!


What a figure, Sideshow! From the paint apps and the sculpt on the bare portrait to the detail in the equipment, the new ratcheting knee joints...this figure is nearly overwhelming! Aside from a few minor paint app issues on the covered portrait, it is virtually impossible for me to find a criticism

Two Words - Simply Stunning!

What Can i say....Totally Awesome!...keep them coming guys with your work!.. T