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Sideshow Exclusive

Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark

Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 1500      

Sideshow Exclusive

Two bonus accessories - a torch and dart!

Product Summary

Sideshow Collectibles is proud to introduce the first 12-inch Indiana Jones figure!

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SRP: $89.99

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Product Details

Indiana Jones
Sixth Scale Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
12" H (304.8mm)*
Product Weight
3.00 lbs (1.36 kg)*
Est. Shipping Weight
5.00 lbs (2.27 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
Int'l Dim. Weight
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Product Sku

Tom Gilliland, Trevor Grove, Seth Rinaldi, Heath Hammond, Bernardo Esquivel, Erick Souza Studio, Jesse Lincoln, Tim Niver, Oliver Brig, Jared Chapman, Darth Rimmer, Mike Arbios, Anthony Mestas, Kevin Ellis, The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

© 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd.

What's in the Box?

The Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark Sixth Scale Figure features:

  • 12-inch male body with 30+ points of articulation
  • Authentic likeness of Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones
  • Alternate Head with hat permanently attached
  • Hat with fabric lining
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Belt
  • Faux-Leather Jacket
  • Boots
  • Revolver
  • Hi-power pistol with removable magazine
  • Detailed belt with holster
  • Coiled bullwhip with tie
  • Articulated bullwhip
  • Satchel
  • Idol artifact
  • Sandbag
  • Two sets of interchangeable gloved hands
  • Two sets of interchangeable bare hands
  • Display base with Indiana Jones logo
  • Sideshow ExclusiveTwo bonus accessories - a torch and dart!

What Collectors are saying about the Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark Sixth Scale Figure

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definitely not junior!!!

Just purchased my second one & it still blows my mind how great the likeness,gear,idol,even the hat are spot on.Missed out on the other Indys,but hope to get the KOTS version.Great job SSC!

Amazing figure!!!!!!!

I got this from a secondary dealer and WOW it is Amazing Unreal likeness with Tons of Accessories. So much detail in the tailoring of the outfit as well. The beauty is in the details. buy this you wont be sorry its is simply amazing.

Very realistic

This is quite stunning, I have quite a few Bond figures which are of a very high standard, this figure is just as good. Well done Sideshow.

Best 12 inch Indy out there

After comparing the various 12 inch Indys the sideshow is the best.The likeness of Harison Ford is earily authentic.The best part is the jacket. Sideshow is the only one that didn't put a huge zipper on it.Clever use of magnets hold the sachel and whip holder closed.Most excessories.Best and cheapes

Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark 12 inch Fi

I finally received my "Indy" great packaging, and excellent accessories, the spare head is terrifc, but i'm soo disapointed that the spare hat doesn't fit on his head, i even tried it on various other 1/6 figures and it was too small for any of them,has anyone else noticed this

Like it a lot

Hey I am your customer from Thailand, and own Indy from Toys Mccoy, Medicom, and Sideshow, Well for this Indy from Sideshow, I think the face is the best scupture of all three, the accessories come with the figure is also nice, again agree with other reveiwers, the only issue is the figure looseness

Still In-dy box

so good i have 2 . i have one figure still in the box . any Indy , Ford or movie fan MUST have one in their collection . far better detail than most of the Bond collectables i own . lose body is easy to sort out . THNK YOU SIDESHOW

Indiana Jones and the Perfect Collectible

This figure is awesome. The detail is staggering and the accessories are plentiful. The likeness of Harrison as Indy is quite good, and the photos on the website are pitiful by comparison. He looks much better in person. Pick this one up before he's gone, you won't be disappointed.

Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark

What a sensational Indy package.When I saw this in my local Forbidden Planet store I could not pass by.Beautiful packaging,perhaps the best I ever saw.Terrific sculpt and outfit.Check out all those accessories.As Indy himself might say,fortune and glory.

Absolute likeness. Perfect outfit. A great buy!

I've just got my Indiana Jones 12" Figure (Sideshow). The likeness to Harrison Ford is amazing, really impressive. The outfit and accessories too. The head without the hat attached is better sculpted and painted compared to the head with the head attached. This is a great buy, take my word for that!

"Tickets please..."

Overall, I am very impressed with Sideshow's outing...great sculpt, leather holster, quality accessories. However, jacket and shirt tailoring a bit iffy, but you get what you pay for. Prometheous body a tad lose, but great for possing the figure. Mix and match parts with Medicom...5 star.

Indiana Jones Is My Favorite Hero of All time!

I Really, Really Love The Amazing Details To the INDIANA JONES figure With The Hat, The Shirt, The Belt, The Bag, The Pants, The Shoes, The Holdster, The Pistol, The Whip. Also I Really Love The Movies!

This figure ROCKS! The pictures ... not so much.

This is probably my favorite Sideshow 12" figure EVER. The likeness is brilliant and the accessories numerous. My SOLE complaint? The pictures here on the site! They've got his pants hiked up so far he looks like a Florida retiree looking for his Hoverround! ;) (But I love you anyway, Sideshow!

Indy action with many acessories

Nice 12" figure with many acessories to change your displaying - highly recommanded and fantastic box too


The photos don't quite do it justice, but this is the best likeness of Harrison Ford I've seen in any kind of figure. (Not including the PF Indy which is just creepily accurate!) I had a few issues with the loosness of the body, too, but overall, I'd say this one's worth outrunning a boulder for!



Best Indy Ever!

This is the bar now for what a 1:6th Indiana Jones should look like. It feels and looks like he's come right out of ROTLA. The sculpt and detailing is just beyond words really. I've got two myself and am using the extra parts to make more Indy's thats just how good this figure is.

almost gold!

Wow what a figure!! The most SA figure I have collected BY FAR. The only thing I would have done differently is have the bag strap UNDER the jacket.

The Greatest Indy Figure Ever!

It's always been a fantasy to own a Toys McCoy, but it's never coming true (due to it's price). Thankfully, we have SideShow. This Indy is God's gift to the collectors. The only bad is that after an 8 month wait, the Prometheus is a little disappointing (It's very loose and the hands have issues).

Fortune & Glory!

This is Sideshow's 1:6 triumph. Trevor Grove's immaculate sculpt of Harrison Ford is dead on. Sideshow easily puts Medicom, Toys McCoy, and Hasbro to shame with the best Indy figure ever made. Buy it now because who knows, in a thousand years even it might be worth something.

Trust me...

Sideshow's Indiana Jones is a triumph! I'm fortunate to own the Toys McCoy version; Sideshow's effort eclipses it in many ways. The sculpt is spot-on, and the details, from the barrel of Indy's Colt revolver, to the striations on the ribbon on the fedora...I'm gob-smacked!

This is Dr. Jones

This is better than Toys McCoy or medicom. Best Iny ever!

Wow Indy

I just got this figure,and had to say great job Sideshow.You guys outdid yourselves with this one.