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Sideshow Exclusive

Jason - Freddy VS Jason

Premium Format™ Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 275      

Sideshow Exclusive

Freddy's decapitated head

Product Summary

From Freddy vs Jason, comes Sideshow's hulking Jason Voorhees, standing over 21" tall (base height included). This highly detailed figure includes a likeness of Jason Voorhees taken from the pre-production make-up designs, removable hockey mask, film-authentic costume, realistic over-sized machete in his left hand, Freddy's decapitated head in his right hand, and display base.

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SRP: $275.00

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Product Details

New Line House of Horrors
Premium Format™ Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
21.25" H (539.75mm) x 16" W (406.4mm) x 10.25" D (260.35mm)*
Product Weight
23.00 lbs (10.43 kg)*
Est. Shipping Weight
23.00 lbs (10.43 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
Int'l Dim. Weight
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Oversized Item: The shipping cost will be calculated on dimensional weight rather than product weight for this item due to its oversized dimensions.

Product Sku

Artists: Brian Dooley

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Freddy vs Jason PF Figure

I absouloutly love this movie, And the figure is even better, The detail and the clothing is unreal, it's a spitting image of Ken Kirzinger's Jason Voorhees. Shame we couldn't of had Kane hodder. I think this statue is a great piece to add to your collection, I can't wait for mine 10/10

jason exclusive

is the most real jason that is ever made i have the number 23/275 and i don't sell never

Truely scary huge Premium format statue

Its huge and it so scary - you gotta lokke behind the mask to se Jason for real - love the clothes, but the face are amazing well done Sideshow

A Face Only A Mother Could Love!

Yeah during Jason's murderous rampages you can understand why he wears a mask, he is so hideously ugly. This PM figure is a perfect likeness to the giant maniac we all love, cheers Sideshow for making my collection so wonderful!

One of the best so far.

I was more critical on both Premium Frankensteins, but this Jason is flawless. Great sculpt, paint, clothes and size!!! Nice job

Coolest exclusive ever!

The coolest exclusive ever. Freddy bloody head is awesome. Jason is huge, enormous I would say. Low run. Great piece!


Being a major Friday the 13th fan, I have to say this is the perfect Jason figure. It has amazing detail, and looks just like him in the movie.

Premium Format Jason - Freddy VS Jason

wow this is the best (freddy vs jason) jason iv ever seen its a twin to the on screen jason top 100 stars for this one

PF Jason

OMG!!! This thing is HUGE. Trust me,when you get him in hand his much bigger than you think, and heavy too. The paint apps on his face and mask are great. The costume is also very well done! I highly recommend this to any Jason or horror fan!!! I just cant get over the size of this thing!! 5 stars!

Biggest and Best Jason out !

This is without any doubt the BEST jason available. He dwarves just about everything and weighs a ton ! The detailing is exceptional - his entire carcass is detailed ! His machette is very impressive, also weighing a lot. The photos on the site are nothing compared to when you have him in hand !

Jason Is Back And Bigger Than Ever !

This is by far the best peice I have ever seen - the sheer weight and size of Jason are terrifying ! He stands around 22.5 - 23" atop his base - dwarfing everythiing else in my collection. The detail is immence - by far one of the most eerily realistic figures I have ever seen !

He's Here !

WOW ! Simply amazing ! My only minor glitch - is that his eyes look very flat and dry ! But apart from that - he is the best 1/4 scale figure i have ever seen. The sheer mass of his machette alone is terrifying ! He has taken pride of place in my collection towering above my army of other jasons

Best Sideshow figure to date

I've wanted this figure ever since i first saw it. What kept me from buying it was the S/H costs to Sweden. When i finally found it closer to home, i bought it. The sheer height and width of this big boy, is awesome. Everything from his ripped clothes, to his deformed face & mask are great! A+

Jason 1/4 scale premium format

Astounding, the detail on the piece is immence, the wieght is considerable and it is highly movie accurate. I have a large horror merchandise collection, but this and the 1/4 scale Freddy Krueger take pride of place, truly exceptional.

a must have for all Jason fans!!!!!

I didnt get this figure from this site. found it at a local retailer, but it is the best investment I could have made.


the detail, weight, and sheer size(measuremnts on the site are mere numbers compared to when you actually have it in your hands) will blow you away. this is truely a work of art and i'm glad to have it in my collection dwarfing practically everything.

It's Amazing.

I have to say that this statue is amazing - every detail is exact - just scaled down in size - the mask is battle damaged - just as it was at the end of the movie. I am so glad that I have this and may well get the freddy to complete the set.

1/4 scale Jason

This figure has got to be the greatest thing i've ever owned in my entire life. The sculpt is fantastic, the mask is removable (so all the crybabies about the 12 in figure can zip it) the machette is real metal and he's freakin huge! Plus he weighs more than my dog. More giant Jasons please!

the exclusive version is really something!!!!!!!!!

Finally, the biggest, baddest, most accurate Jason Voorhees figure done by a toy company!!!!!Ive had pre-ordered this big boy a year ago...but the wait was really worth it!!! The detail of the face sculpt is simply phenomenal!!!And he is so huge... this version with Freddys decapitaded head surpassed by far the regular its a must have for every horror fan out there....Now please sideshow, do another 1/4 scale Jason based on his look on part 3...