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Made by Sideshow Collectibles

X-Men VS Sentinel

Polystone Diorama by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 1250      

Product Summary

Colossus and Cyclops have teamed to defeat a massive Sentinel, recently relieved of both head and hand. Colossus stands triumphant with the Sentinels massive head held high, while Cyclops scans the horizon for signs of incoming attack. Continuing the Marvel Diorama series, X-Men VS Sentinel #1 is an immense piece, standing over 19 tall. Each piece is hand cast and hand painted to exacting standards, and the underside of the base is printed with the artists signature and edition information.

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SRP: $300.00

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Product Details

Polystone Diorama
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
19" H (482.6mm) x 17" W (431.8mm) x 13" D (330.2mm)*
Box Size
14.00" H (355.6mm) x 19.00" W (482.6mm) x 22.00" L (558.8mm)*
Product Weight
23.00 lbs (10.43 kg)*
Est. Shipping Weight
23.00 lbs (10.43 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
26.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
36.0000 lbs*
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Oversized Item: The shipping cost will be calculated on dimensional weight rather than product weight for this item due to its oversized dimensions.

Product Sku

Artists: Pablo Viggiano

) 2005 Marvel

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X-Men vs. Sentinel Diorama

Well at long last, I have gone and done it, that’s right after months and months of watching the (bay) I finely went and bought this magnificent piece (and we all know how much they are going for.) BUT WAS IT WORTH IT? YOU BET IT WAS. What a piece this is. This has got to be the best piece SIDESHOW has ever done on all lines. This piece standing at 19 inches high has got centre stage in my collection.

Yes it is a great statue!!!

Stop hesitating because this statue isn't always easy to find. I should know, but I finally got my hands on one & I never tire of looking at it. Great statue you snooze you lose bro!!!

Great statue

man im seeing this item on EBay (item# 330104857814) Im trying to decide if i should get it from here or wait to see if one of the shops gets it in right now i gotta have it after seeing it displayed at one of the local comic shows AWESOME thanks

One of the best X-men statues

One of the best X-men statues and I missed it, hey if you ever find any in the warehouse let me know :)


Ever since I saw this particular Piece at 2005's Comic-Con San Diego, I made a promise to myself that I was going to buy one. I have my Diorama Statue displayed in my room and I can't believe I got so many offers from friends and family. This has got to be the best statue depicting the X-men.

A Year Later And It's Still Awesome

It's been a year since I've started displaying this statue at work and it's still so popular, it's now part of the office tour for new employees. When it comes to an awesome portrayal of the X-Men, it's the best there is at what it does.

Missed it but caught it later

I missed this statue from sideshow and had to get it on the secondary market for a little more; and it is SOOOO worth evey Dollar extra spent for it.. AWESOME JOB SIDESHOW!!!

Great light effects

This looks great with lights off but it is a great looking diorama on or off. I say its the best looking non Wolverine X-men statue out there!

Sideshow moves the bar up a notch!

This should be the flag ship of the VS line, this piece alone tells you that Sideshow is looking, and having sculpted, a new era of statues. I couldn't believe this peice when I pulled it out of the box. Te lights are a nice touch, but I don't think it matters if it lights up or not. Pablo you rock!

Totally Awesome!!!!!

I wasn't a comicbook fan until I saw the X-men movies & heard from a friend that the character Colossus & I have the same name.How could I not get this diorama of a comicbook character of my name sake.I'm an X-men fan for life! It's in my office at work & people comment on it & the irony of my name.


This statue is hot.Glancing at it your heart beatsfaster,palms sweaty,your mouth is dry.You stare at it picturing without the box & in your room.Irresistible! You can't wait to turn it on,you want to & you want to bad! So you whip it out & pay for it. Oh yeah! Satisfaction!!

Rad! Baby! Rad!

This the most truly, truly, most deeply wonderful statue like ever dude! Thank you so truly, deeply,for this totally magical,magnificent statue my deepest gratittytude to amazing artists who deeply put this statue 2gether & you rightgeous dudes at sideshow, truly,deeply it's like so amazing!!!!!!!!


This is the most amazing statue ever made. Pictures do not do it justice. you have to see it to appreciate the detail of it and the size is just immense! Thank you so much for this statue sideshow and my thanks to the artists who brought this to life. Deep thanks to you all!

X-men vs Sentinel Diorama

This is a nice looking diorama, it's as though it was ripped out from the pages of the X-men comicbooks. What's not to like? It lights up giving this statue that much more of a realistic feel. I can't wait to add this diorama statue to my growing collection of comicbook statues & busts.

LIGHTS! CAMERA! ,ACTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With a flick of the switch you're transported to the X-men vs Sentinel battlefield, an innocent bystander watching the BIG Russian & the X-mens team leader laying the smackdown on Bolivar Trasks walking tin cans. Get your hands on this AMAZING diorama statue today!!!!!


This diorama statue by far is one of the few exceptonal works of art out on the market today. There no denying it that Sideshow has attached themselves to sculpting artists who think outside the box. It's one of those things in life to act on, hesitate & you may regret later on.

Simply Outstanding!

AWESOME! Excellent finish & lighting work was impressive. Just surprised that there wasn't an instruction sheet for newbies like myself on how to turn on the lights! ;)


It just looks great! You can tell alot of thought went into this piece, but, I'll tell you what sold me, was when I was watching the special features option on the new Avengers DVD where Avi Arad is talking & has this diorama displayed in his office it looked really nice.

X-Men vs. Sentinel

This statue is such an addition to my collection. I really enjoy the light up feature which made me buy it.


This is a great looking statue. It's put together really nicely & if you're a fan of the X-men like I am this is a must have. Statue & Busts have come a long way. I mean what other statue out lights up like this diorama statue? It's a nice touch & brings The X-men vs Senntinel statue to life.


The craftsmanship & calibur of a piece such as this, is superb. A magnificent addition to any collector who is searching for that diamond in the ruff that catches ones attention & stands out above the rest. This Diorama statue is one not to be missed, the immaculate work speaks for itself.

The Gold Nugget Of Comicbook Statues!!!!!

This statue is like a fine wine aged to perfection, priceless & the envy of all. If you're thinking of getting this piece, stop thinking or you'll be left with nothing. It's a no brainer you know it & I have it.

X-men vs Sentinel Diorama

Holy Sheet! Man! Just when you think you've seen the best, this ones better than all the rest.

X-Men Diorama - Sideshow Exclusive

I can easily say that this is the most amazing statue I have ever laid eyes on. It towers over the rest in scale, and I've got a pretty big Hulk statue, and the attention to detail is unlike any other. Even if you think you've seen better, you can't deny that this is easily among the best.

Amazing!!! Stupendous!!! Uncanny!!!

I just received my Sentinel Diorama today, and could not be more pleased with it! I think this may have moved to the front of the line as the most impressive Sideshow piece I own. The size, the lights, the dynamic pose--it all adds up to another amazing achievement from the artists at Sideshow!

x-men vs sentinel diorama

I love this statue i have never seen something so fantastic in my life and i got one!

X-Men vs. Sentinel Diorama - Sideshow Exclusive

this thing is AMAZING. I'm the hit of the office! BUT, after turning it off and on a few times, now my Sentinel head isn't lighting up... Anyone else having this problem??

excellent product

Took me almost an hour to find the switch to turn it on ;) but looks amazing. was worth the money for sure. Keep up the great work.

Having this makes me afraid of what will come next

Can't imagine improving on this...Looking at upcoming Hulk statue...Wow!...How can they do it I ask?..How could they improve on such greatness?...Somehow they do it.


The Sideshow Exclusive version of this X-Men Vs. Sentinel Diorama is an awesome piece of artwork from Sideshow again. With a flick of the light switch, it really brings the battle scene to life with the realistic flickering lights from the broken-off cables & fading eyes of the Sentinel's head!!!!!!