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The Dark Lord Sauron

Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles

Limited Edition: 9500      

Product Summary

The embodiment of all evil in Middle-earth, the Dark Lord, Sauron strides into battle in his hideous black armour, a towering pillar of malice in man-form, wielding his wicked mace. Wrought by fell means and infused with spells of devastation, the Dark Lord is impervious to all harm while the power of the One Ring is his.

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Product Details

The Lord of the Rings
Polystone Statue
Sideshow Collectibles
Product Size
24" H (609.6mm) x 15" W (381mm) x 14" D (355.6mm)*
Est. Shipping Weight
60.00 lbs (27.22 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
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Product Sku

Greg Tozer, David Tremont, Heather Kilgour

What Collectors are saying about the The Dark Lord Sauron Polystone Statue

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Awesome but...

Yes, this statue is awesome but...I dropped the head and a couple of spikes broke/bent. Even though I make believe they broke when it really fell off his head, I wish I could replace it.


Just perfect incarnation of the Dark Lord in Polystone! It's just a diamond in the collection of LOTR!

The Lord of the Rings

One of my all-time favorite SSW LOTR pieces! 'Twould argue that this is the best in the SSW statue line. Sadly, a high ES kills grailability. A shame it doesn't demand more price wise. If you don't own this piece you are truly missing out on something special. After all, he is The Lord of the Rings!

Sauron The Great

Wow..I could not believe it when i opened the box..First of all the box is huge...Not that the statue is small! Its packed great and really easy to assemble.and the weight of sauron, my God i was terrified, i thought i was gonna drop him, but i didn't.Its Beyond Fantastic and he has the one ring on!

Hoody recieves Sauron

Finally got Sauron for my collection. Boy I started late-these things would have been A LOT cheaper had I purchased when they came out. Hmm comment.. doesn't scare Vanessa in the same way as the Alien Queen BUT that said she now wont sleep in my room at all. Her loss, I pick Sauron, the lesser evil.

Words Can't Describe the Feelings I Have in My Hea

This piece is just incredible. A perfect centerpiece to any LOTR collection. Incredible detail and workmanship only add to the greatness of this work of art. I was not prepared for what I was receiving. Sauron is simple a MUST HAVE collectible. You just have to see it to believe it.


I love this sideshow.The detail is so realistic.This could be a start of a collection.

5 stars plus...

awesome second chance item. if you don't have this you must find a way to get it! it is definitly weta's crown jewel. the detail and size of this piece is beyond pictures, he is the most noticed piece in my collection( and i have almost all the weta line).

bigger is always better

i just got my sauron statue today,hands down this the best statue ever.thanks weta,you guys are top notch.


This is the coolest thing ever! Love the pose and paint job, which, although doesn't match the image in the movies, really conveys the idea that his body had indeed burnt his armour black. Also got Richard Taylor to sign it personally, so now have a very rare, unique item!


Epic is one word you could use to describe this staue. Its size and quality is first class. The attention to detail is amazing and the pose of sauron is never boring. This staue is why i collect. A real plaesure and a must for all. Thanks Sideshow.

Evil and only evil

Yeah, evil is the only thing which emanates from this statue. It is so big, so perfect, so powerful... Details are amazing, everything is on it, noting is missing. I mean, only considering the head, you already have Sauron himself, so with the body, the ring, the mace and the base, it's a dream...

OUTSTANDING workmanship, but Customer Service rank

I was fortunate enough to get on the waiting list for this product, and less than 2 weeks it arrived at my doorstep. I was awestruck to the size and detail on this work of art! The only thing that beats this product (which is almost impossible) is the EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE from Sideshow!!

The Dark Lord Sauron

Easily the most amazing piece of work you folks have unveiled! I received mine this week. I couldn’t be more pleased. This statue is everything I was expecting. Hats off Weta! If you didn’t get one of these, you’re missing out!


The detail on this statue is incredible, the best of any of the SideshowWeta pieces I have purchased. A wonderful way to round of the LOTR line!

The Dark Lord

The best LOTR statue I have purchased! It's menacing form stands tall above all LOTR products in my collection. The ONLY negative here is the outer packaging. The collector box was unaffected but shipping didn't fill the void with peanuts and Fedex abused the item. Lucky the item wasn't smashed.

I Am Without Speech

What can I really say about this piece? Magnificent stature and presence, and a definite centerpeice of any avid fan's collection. Came out of the box perfectly, and I even found the spikes that attach to the back of his boots. BUT where's the neat lava on my base?


I just wanted to say that i received my Sauron piece yesterday and it is gigantic !!! Details are great, posture is fabulous, well it is the masterpiece of my collection. Thanks sideshow for making those wonderfull LOTR collectibles

Simply an AMAZING work of art...

I was upset not to have snagged this piece when it was first anounced and subsequently was lucky enough to get one off the waiting list... Man am I happy I did... It is BEAUTIFULLY rendered and packaged in such a way to survive shipping... It looks GREAT on my mantelpiece... Thank you Sideshow!!!


This statue is awesome and worth every penny..I am sad to see the Lord of the Rings line end but what a way to finish!

Sauron Rules !

This is clearly the best piece in the entire LOTR line. The sculpting, pose and dynamics of the piece all work extremely well. My only tiny criticism is the paintjob...needs a bit more drybrushed silver.

Outstanding statue

This thing is simply Huge, great detail and looks great standing with the rest of the Lotr collection.Just stand back and look on in awe and then brag to any one who will listen that you have one.

Spectacular Sauron

Sorry guys, but you lost your shirt on this one. I have no idea how a company can produce (let alone ship) a product of this complexity. Mine arrived without a scratch, and scared my little girl to death. Most impressive. Hats of to all of you from New Zealand, China, and the USA...

The Dark Lord

OH MY GOD!!! Breathtaking, simply breathtaking. This one piece has converted all my friends into LOTR fanatics like me. This is my favourite piece by far! Hope everybody else who is lucky enough to receive one is as gobsmacked as me!!!

Great Piece, But..................

Over all the piece looks good, I have to agree with the other review about the feet looking out of place. Also this is my 6th LOTR piece and this was the only one that arrived damaged, very dissopointed. But not sending it back, this one is a keeper.

A bargain at $300

This statue is absolutely amazing. The size, the detail. Everything about it is spot on. Congratulations Sideshow Weta.


I was the last (out of 6, I think) to get the statue here at work considering that there are a number of LOTR fans who ordered the same statue(s). It's really wicked and the details are simply awesome. One thing to look after is that this piece is extremely fragile - HANDLE WITH EXTREME CARE!

Simply a wonderful piece

5 Gold stars for Sideshow/Weta for producing this fantastic statue. This statue WILL be the centrepiece in your collection. It makes the Cave Troll statue look like a little puppy!!!!!

One Statue to Rule Them All

This piece is simply stunning! Be very careful removing it from the packaging. The 2 tiny pieces labled fragile go behind each heel. This piece looks like it came from a museum. Nice job WETA!

Great piece

This is undoubtedly the most detailed figure ever released by Weta. A very beautiful statue that literally towers over all other statues, even dwarfing the classic Witch King statue released last year. Tremendous weight and size make it an intimidating piece. Unfortunately, paint job is not as detailed as is shown in website pictures. The piece is actually quite dark, practically black with only minor silver highlights. Back of cape and feet seem to have a 'mold' appearence to them, making it look dirty. The 'mold' paintjob, if intentional, detracts from the piece as it does not look intentional.


This is a great piece, but is in dire need of warnings on the packaging. This thing is EXTREMELY fragile. It has small flimsy protrusions that will break off just from lifting it out of it's packaging. If you are moving it, even just repositioning it, then remove the head as it is in no way secured to the body. If it falls off onto any hard surface it *will* break. Like I said great piece but must be handled with extreme care.

the best statue ever produced by weta !!!!

i got had the great statue delivered to my door a few days ago by a very tired postman. the statue is huge ! i have had trouble finding a place in my home where it will fit (it does stand over 24"!), but now it takes pride of place in my weta collection. i had been counting down the days since i first pre-ordered it over a year ago and it was well worth the wait. this statue is a must have for any lord of the rings fan and is another great statue from the masters at weta

Blew me away!-

Holy awesomness, I got the statue the other day and it is the BEST product sideshowtoy has ever produced for the LOTR line. Sauron is Friggin HUGE! If you don't have this statue, you will be jealous if you ever get the chance to see one in person. Pictures do it no justice.

You must own this piece!!

Man, what an amazing piece. Like many of you I've been waiting for this piece since the day it went up for sale which was Jan 21st 2004. We've had many push backs on this piece and been tempted by developmental pics, final sculpt pics, and pics of this piece at shows. Heck, it was only a couple months ago that I saw this piece at SDCC but I can tell you that having him along with seeing him again just totally makes me just jaw drop. The detail in this piece is so well done all the little ingravings on his armor as well as the spikes are just freaking awesome! Even on his cape the detail done in it is beyond cool on top of that the way the mud is done is very very nice as well. The Ring is maybe the best touch of all the things done on this statue. It looks just like it came out of the Fires of Mt. Doom! The pose is very very freaking nice! As I said when the pics of this piece hit they captured that part of the movie, and what was in my head of what this piece might look like ever before we saw pics. He is a heavy SOB! Probably the heaviest piece I personally own. He makes the CT look small in both of size and weight. I felt sorry for the poor Fed-Ex guy having to carry two of these up the hill to my house. In the end I take my cap of to SSW for making this piece the ABSOLUTE BEST PIECE OF THE LOTR LINE!

Dark Lord Sauron Statue

This sculpture is absolutely awesome!! The best piece in the LOTR collection to date, this figure even rivals the 1st edition Balrog sculpture by a long shot. The product photos don't do this statue justice and the detail on this is exceptional, to say the least. Sure to be the centerpiece of the LOTR collection, this statue is well worth the wait and price. Thanks to everyone's hard work and involvement in bringing this character sculpture to realization!!