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Darth Vader – Mythos

Polystone Statue by Sideshow Collectibles


Limited Edition: 5000

Sideshow Exclusive

The Darth Vader Mythos Statue is an Exclusive Release from Sideshow Collectibles

About This Polystone Statue

Sideshow Collectibles proudly presents the Darth Vader: Dark Contemplations Statue from our Star Wars Mythos line. This unprecedented portrayal of the Dark Lord of the Sith captures Darth Vader's return to Mustafar. The heat and flames of that volcanic planet steel the resolve of Lord Vader as he considers the rage and loss contained by the fearsome mask in his hand. Three portraits, a younger Anakin, an older Anakin, and the masked version complement an equal number of interchangeable arms that allow the collector to illustrate this tale in a variety of ways. At twenty-one inches in overall height, the Darth Vader: Dark Contemplations Statue is a most impressive centerpiece for any Star Wars display.

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Star Wars
Polystone Statue
Sideshow Collectibles
  • Tom Gilliland (Creative Director)
  • Seth Rinaldi (Design)
  • David Igo (Design)
  • Kai Lim (Key Art)
  • Anthony Mestas (Paint)
  • David Whitford (Paint)
  • Brian Fay (Sculpt)
  • Martin Canale (Sculpt)
  • Hernan Azcarate (Sculpt)
  • Jesse Lincoln (Development)
  • The Sideshow Collectibles Design and Development Team

Additional Details & Dimensions

Product Size
24" H (609.6mm) x 12" W (304.8mm) x 11" L (279.4mm)

To Top of Head:
21" H (533.4mm)*
Box Size
12.00" H (304.8mm) x 19.00" W (482.6mm) x 31.00" L (787.4mm)*
Product Weight
14.00 lbs (6.35 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
31.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
51.0000 lbs*

* Size and weight are approximate values.
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© 2013 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All rights reserved.

 Darth Vader - Mythos Polystone Statue

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Greatest Statue Ever Made

I absolutely cannot believe how amazing this statue looks. Every time I see it I am awed by its beauty. This is the kind of statue you can look at intently from every angle and it will always look flawless. Every swap out head and arm is amazing and the posing possibilities are truly awesome. 10/10!

So Glad

Well I'm so happy I got mine before it sold out. It looks amazing in person.. It's was my 1st Art work ever from Side Show and it's an amazing pcs of art!


this is my first statue from sideshow i am living in turkey and this thing is amazing

Who's ya daddy!

Awesome! Great detail, presence and full of character. This mythos Vader is unlike any other out there. Forget the huge ES in this case and just buy one, it's impressive... Most impressive.


Instantly became the centrepiece of my Vader collection, simply awesome

Very Impressive.

Just got my Vader today and I was blown away by the detail. Great piece for Vader fans.


What can I say that hasn't already been said? This piece is incredible. The level of detail and quality of this statue is impressive. This is definitely the best purchase I have made in a long time.

Must Buy

I cannot believe that it is still for sale. I think if people realized how amazing this piece is it will sell out quickly. You have so many display options with this piece it is almost like having more than one statue. Do not pass up on this piece you will be sorry if you do!

Most Impressive

This piece is simply amazing! The detail brings it to life, and draws you to it. Have mine displayed helmet in hand near my life size Vader bust. Thank you for such a great work of art Sideshow.


This is absolutely one of the best pieces I own. Sideshow did an amazing job on the detail and you can't beat all the switch-out parts for multiple display options. This is a must own for Vader fans.

Tons of display options

This detailed statue comes packed with display options. Arms, helmets, arms holding helmets!!! Awesome!

Absolutely lovely!

This is my first ever Sideshow statue and and it is absolutely lovely and even more impressive in person! Like the extra changeable items, gives some great alternative poses and variety to the statue. Very detailed!

I've been collecting for 20 years ...this is my first sideshow ....fatastic I love it ....I just gt on eBay Aayla Secura sideshow exclusive at double sideshow price. I get what I want lol

Best Christmas!!

Amazing statue and excited to give it as a gift. If you are giving this as a christmas gift beware the shipping box states what is inside!!

Jaw Dropping

Just received mine today, what a beauty. The pictures don't do it justice. If you're looking for a Star Wars statue that captures the rawest emotion of one of their most famous characters, then this is for you.

Don't you know the Power of the Dark Force!

I just started collecting statues and I'm really happy to start with this one, details of this work of art is simply awesome! Thank you Sideshow, this is my first, but not the last!


I'm really thrilled with the creativity and power in this piece. From the sculpting to the paint job to the accessories, it's all top notch, you really feel the melancholy and rage of Darth Vader, I think I'm gonna go brood now, lol.....

the Complete Saga in Statue Form!

this statue not only displays magnificently, but it also tells the story of star wars as a whole. the desperation in Anakin's eyes is almost believable as he gazes into his helmet and sees the cold dark future as Vader... now thats deep!!!! love this statue!!!

Just awesome

The best Darth Vader statue around! I love everything about this statue! The base looks even better in person, I just can't stop putting my eyes on this thing.


Excellent Sideshow, one simply spectacular statue of a character icon series Star Wars-Darth Vader-the best in my collection could admire all day and in any pose looks great, but my favorite is the case in hand.

Darth Vader - Mythos Polystone Statue

I just loveeeeee iiitttttttt , cant stop staring at it

great statue

this is by far one of the best statues in the star wars line for sideshow. its a work of art can't wait to see more in this line. I hope luke and the rest of the bounty hunters will be next. thanks again sideshow another great piece.

what have i done?

The most explosive Vader statue to date! The explanation of choices made prior and the time fame details make this piece one of my personal favorites. Sculpture truly capture thought and the certificate of authentication its a piece of art on its own. Very impressive Sideshow!

Awesome Statue

At last i get it,and i'm in love this statue this awesome statue,so great paint job,i never seen like jobs before! well done!


This is a great statue.


This was the piece that finally gave me the push I needed to really organize and show off my Star Wars collection, because it is insanely awesome. I've changed the display angle three different times trying to figure out the best one, but they're all great.


Vader is the third statue in the Mythos line that I own and I have to say that he is the best. This piece is amazing. Here's hoping that SSC creates more of these works of art. I sure hope that Han Solo is among future releases!

Another home run!

Impressive! Most Impressive. Sideshow i must say LOL. Your skills are now complete! Its actually quite difficult to decide which way to display this piece. Helmet off or Helmet on...Light sabre or holding mask i just think its a home run any which way a collector decides to go. Awesome Job!


Darth Vader Mythos Statue

One word to describe this statue, awesome!!!

Impressive... most impressive.

Wow! Great piece. Amazing detail. The paint is so well done that I've been asked by several people if the base is lit. My only note would be that the arm with the closed fist is angled across his chest (like the arm holding the saber) rather than held out in front of him. Thrilled with the purchase!

The Force is Strong in this One!

Dark Contemplations is a dramatic and fantastic addition to the Mythos collection. Once again stunning design & attention the smallest detail. So many posing options for such an iconic character. Thank you Sideshow and well done, keep the Mythos coming!