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R2-D2 Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure — Collector Edition

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Sideshow Exclusive

Utility Circular Saw Arm, Laser Welding Arm, Spacecraft Linkage Arm

About This Sixth Scale Figure

"An extremely well put-together little droid."

Joining the Star Wars collectible Heroes articulated figure collection, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the R2-D2 Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure.

Everyone's favorite droid from the galaxy far, far away is ready for adventure with intricate articulation and fantastic detailing. The feisty blue and white astromech rolls right off the big screen, with sequencing lights and a swiveling dome that features various moveable ports and hinged panels. Prepared to assist the Rebel Alliance, it’s full speed ahead for the starship mechanic, with rolling treads and a retractable third leg enabling tripedal travel. Additionally, Artoo features a hidden Skywalker lightsaber hilt with a magnetic tip that allows access to a range of his internal gadgetry, including periscope, life-scanner, and multiple articulated arms for performing various intergalactic duties. Recreate all of your favorite movie moments with special bonus accessories, including Ben Kenobi's round table, Leia’s secret holographic transmission, and a multi-tiered beverage tray for R2’s one-time server gig on Jabba the Hutt’s luxury sail barge!

Full of fun and surprises, this R2-D2 figure from Sideshow Collectibles is sure to delight Star Wars fans and collectors of all ages.

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Star Wars
Sixth Scale Figure
Sideshow Collectibles
  • Pascual Wawoe (Sculpt)
  • Nathan Mansfield (Sculpt)
  • Michael Norman (Sculpt)
  • Mike Najera (Paint)
  • Anthony Mestas (Paint)
  • Joe Allard (Design)
  • David Igo (Design)
  • Matt Bischof (Development)
  • Jesse Lincoln (Development)
  • Kevin Ellis (Development)

What's in the Box?

  • Highly Detailed R2 Series Astromech Sculpt
  • Rotating Dome with Articulated Projectors Ports and Hinged Panel Utility Access Ports
  • Light Up Logic Function Display, Processor State Indicators & Holographic Projector
  • Extending Life Scanner
  • Extending Periscope
  • Hidden Skywalker Saber Hilt with Magnet Tip for Panel Access
  • Articulated Terrain Tread Legs
  • Articulated and Retractable Third Tread Leg
  • Two (2) Articulated Control Arms
  • Three (3) Application Arm Compartments with Hinged Panels
  • One Access Compartment with Hinged Panel
  • Articulated Drink Serving Arm
  • Multi-Tiered Serving Tray Attachment
  • Seven (7) Drinking Glasses
  • Ben Kenobi's Table with Optional Illuminated Princess Leia Transmission Hologram
  • Computer Terminal Arm
  • Grasping Arm
  • Power Charge Arm
  • Utility Circular Saw Arm
  • Laser Welding Arm
  • Spacecraft Linkage Arm

Additional Details & Dimensions

Product Size
6.75" H (171.45mm) x 4.5" W (114.3mm) x 3.5" L (88.9mm)

With fully extended drink arm:
10" H (254mm)*
Box Size
6.00" H (152.4mm) x 13.00" W (330.2mm) x 13.00" L (330.2mm)*
Product Weight
1.00 lbs (0.45 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
5.0000 lbs*
Int'l Dim. Weight
8.0000 lbs*

* Size and weight are approximate values.
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© and ™ Lucasfilm Ltd

 R2-D2 Deluxe Sixth Scale Figure

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What Collectors Are Saying

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Perfect Astro Mech Reviewing the Collector Edition

Gorgeous detail! The light up is a great touch and I love the accessories. He needs booster rockets though. ;)

LOVE IT Reviewing the Collector Edition

purchased for my wife for Christmas, She lit up even more than R2 does.....but he does light up a lot. Great buy, Great price, Big value.

Wonderful Reviewing the Collector Edition

I love my r2d2,its a must have for SW fans,many functionalities for a great hero

Good Droid Reviewing the Collector Edition

This droid looks great! I love the options and how everything functions. I did have to go through 2 of these to finally get one that is well made though. 1st one had the spring for the middle leg pop out, 2nd had issues with the dome and radar piece. 3rd one finally has not had any issues.

Best R2 ever Reviewing the Collector Edition

This is hands down the best R2-D2 figure. It has everything you could possibly need to display him in any scene from the original trilogy. The light up feature is excellent. Definitely the best R2 made.

Great 1/6 R2-D2 Reviewing the Collector Edition

The 1/6 R2-D2 is a very detailed figure with all the gimmicks possible for the robot. But that makes him vulnerable and easy to damage. The switch - on for the Light of the dome is to complicated-need to move out the head. The opening parts of the dome/bodydonotclosetightly.Lesswouldhavebeenmor

Reviewing the Collector Edition

When I received R2D2, 2 words come into my mind..unbelievably fast (<7 days to reach other end of the globe in Singapore) and awesome...the scale of this in comparison to other sixth scale sideshow Star Wars figurines are perfect proportion. You guys at Sideshow rocks. May the Force be with U

Too many cool features to list! Reviewing the Collector Edition

For the price, it's simply incredible. He literally looks like he just rolled off of a sixth scale movie set. Wow!

Fantastic Reviewing the Collector Edition

I really love all of the accessories. This R2 may not look as good as the Hot Toys version, but it more than makes up for it in accessories. Plus side by side it's really not that different. Totally worth the price. Plus it looks miles better than the Sphero.

My boy Reviewing the Collector Edition

I have received my R2D2 yesterday,Im so happy with it,there is a lot of details and accessories.hes the first toy I bought when Star Wars came on screen and now Id certainly buy his buddy C3PO soon

Amazing Piece Reviewing the Collector Edition

R2 is the first of my newly started collection and I cannot be happier. It seems no detail was missed. Everything down to interchangeable leg plates. It just doesn't get better than this. Amazing work! I can't wait for my next piece!

Great 1/6 R2D2 Reviewing the Collector Edition

A perfect r-2 for any serious collector, keep it away from kids! A delicate but well made piece!

A great deal! Reviewing the Collector Edition

I bought the deluxe R2-D2 on a whim and I'm totally glad I did. It's got so many incredible accessories. My favorite part is probably the lights that come on that are totally movie accurate!

R2 D2 Reviewing the Collector Edition

Received my R2D2 my 1st sideshow model and it's a fantastic model will be ordering more from sideshow (when funds permit). Worth every penny .

Beutiful R2-D2 Reviewing the Collector Edition

1977 in a galaxy far far away this new movie came out "Star Wars" and in it a bunch of deferent characters and one of them is this little droid. He is true to the movie! Thank you Sideshow for taking me back to when I was 19 years old.

Awesome droid... Reviewing the Collector Edition

This is my fourth piece directly from sideshow. Sideshow nailed it once again. Perfection is an understatement,plus all the extras. A work of art,for the price you can't beat it. looks great next to my C3P0 Deluxe.

Perfection!! Reviewing the Collector Edition

I just wanted to take a few seconds and say that this little guy came to my house 4 days ago. Such a awesome piece! I thought it would have been heavier but this truly is a detailed R2. He is even painted to look dusty. The led lights bring him to life right there. Well done! I couldn't be happier with this piece. My first one of many. You guys do amaizng work and keep us Grown up Geeks happy. Keep doing what you do.

The droid I was looking for Reviewing the Collector Edition

Of course this isn't a metal model, and it's obviously not a premium format, but damn is it not beautiful on display just the same! The little details make it pop, dirt, scrapes, etc. An the touchpad acvtivated lights.... Amazing! The middle leg is a little wiggly, but it's not meant for play anyway

R2-D2 boo-boo-beep-boop. Go Home :) Reviewing the Collector Edition

So much work and detail went into this piece of art history. By far one of the greatest collectibles produced, and the best part.. Sideshow nailed it on this one for sure. The lighting effects are very accurate as well. Plus, it's a diorama included with this collectible wish is full of win!

Finally! Reviewing the Collector Edition

I have waited a long time for an R2-D2 like this. The light effects are so cool. Great value. Just wish he made noise but still way worth getting. R2 RULES!

Number One Astro Droid. Reviewing the Collector Edition

Incredible. Fantastic work of Art by the Artists at Sideshow. Very happy that I got it. Thank you.

Serve'em up R2 Reviewing the Collector Edition

Looks great! I have R2 serving a couple mini liquor bottles; wife cracked up! Sculpt and paint look great;Accessories are cool. Good value for the money. I did have to do a hot glue repair on one of the dome-eyes. I chose this over returning it. Seriously wish I could put a pic of R2 toting the rum!

Amazing job

Not only was R2 a great figure, id like to brag on SS amazing customer service. My R2 had a scratch and paint issues on the dome and they sent me a replacement. These things make me a loyal customer for life.

Fantastic little Droid Reviewing the Collector Edition

My 3rd purchase from SideShow,He may look small but packs a Godzilla punch in detail and is worthy to a Collector

Amazing Astromech

I absolutely LOVE this figure, it blows the Hot Toys version away. The attention to detail is off the chart. Very screen accurate and a good value for 149. I would rate this a 9.75 out of 10 & the only reason it is perfect is the fit of the panels that open for accessories doesn't always fit right.

This is the Droid I been looking for. Reviewing the Collector Edition

Well crafted R2-D2 the best i seen to date, fully functional, and now i will be displaying this awesome droid with my Yoda Degoba Hutt. Thanks SideShow.

That little droid... Reviewing the Collector Edition

Being a lifelong Star Wars fan, who hasn't wanted to get their hands on a true R2-D2 likeness? This figure is spot on accurate with enough accessories to create any scene you might want. The lights on him are amazing and the Leia hologram on Ben Kenobi's table is just the icing on the cake.

Fantastic! Reviewing the Collector Edition

I love R2-D2, and this figure looks like he just rolled off the set of the movies. The most accurate sculpt ever, beautiful paint deco, so many features, great accessories, awesome lights....Just a superlative job by Sideshow. I can't wait to get C-3PO to reunite my favorite droids!

Amazing Reviewing the Collector Edition

This is my first sixth scale figure and I love it. The paint job is exceptional and the details are amazing. The figure on its own would be enough but all the extras are the icing on the cake. Instructions are a bit vague, I had to look up how to control the lights! 3PO is a definite purchase

This is the droid I'm looking for

Definitely one of my most anticipated figures from the Star Wars line. The attention to detail is fantastic and superb. The wait is worth it. Thanks.

Excellent Reviewing the Collector Edition

This figure is an excellent example of Sideshow's commitment to perfection. I am amazed by the details, accessories, and functionality. I love the light up feature and having the blue button that turns the lights on, off, and hologram function is extremely convenient.

Awesome Reviewing the Collector Edition

First directly through sideshow and first of all want to say the shipping. What the hell! It was faster than an express shipment I get from Japan! Ridiculously fast. The figure itself is incredible, so many accessories and the table with leia was a really nice touch.

Deluxe R2D2 Reviewing the Collector Edition

Fantastic figure. I love the little gadgets. I love the details and how true to the original it is.

Great Looking statue Reviewing the Collector Edition

I bought the Sideshow Exclusive statue. Great detail in all of the accessories and R2D2 himself. The diorama table and accessories justify the cost of the figure. I really am pleased with my purchase. Now if only C3PO would ship some time soon. lol

"R2, we need you" Reviewing the Collector Edition

In our collection! This is the R2 figure to own for any star wars fan! From all of his lights, to all the accessories from all 3 movies, this is truly an incredible figure! This figure can do anything that was done in the movies. Get him while you still can.

One of the droids you're looking for Reviewing the Collector Edition

It looks Awesome! I have to agree that the instructions are vague for taking off dome and light up function. Otherwise, the detail is amazing and accessories are just as good, once the lights are on, it looks like he came off the set. Simply amazing!!!

R2D2 Comes To Life! Reviewing the Collector Edition

R2D2 is my favorite character in the STAR WARS and this 6th scale collectible of him is so incredible. You can pose him in most positions youve seen in the films. All his extras are super awesome, truly a delight to bring him to life. A MUST for any R2 Fan! The price you cant beat honestly.

Very Very Nice Reviewing the Collector Edition

Well...this would have to be the best R2 unit i've seen in this scale.The way the unit lights up is fantastic, and all the other accessories you get for the R2 unit to display him differently are great.The only problem i have was the user guide,very vague,example (Lights on/off)

Really nice little fellow

My R2 unit arrived in hardly no time. Once unpacked I stood it right next a R2 model that I built some 30 odd years ago. This one is much more detailed and sophisticated but that was expected as well. I'm thrilled that I got one of these exclusive R2 units. Thanks.