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Baron Faraii’s Dark Sword

Prop Replica by Zenpunk Collectibles

Prop Collection   

Limited Edition: 500

About This Prop Replica

"In an important Salamandrines rite of passage, Faraii slays a giant Abyssal with a sling and gains true acceptance. As ritual dictates, he takes its blade-like horn, fashioning it into a sword— THE DARK SWORD. Thus, this powerful weapon contributed to Faraii‘s legend in HELL." - Wayne Barlowe

Do you want to own and touch the Demon weapons of the fallen angels?

Zenpunk Collectibles is proud to present the Fallen Baron Faraii's Main Weapon: the Dark Sword. BARON FARAII is, next to the main character from the famous Dark Artist Wayne Barlowe's novel, God's Demon. He is a major player in the saga. We meet him as a charismatic, wandering swordsman, entering the demon Lord Sargatanas’ court and enlisted as an important and trusted general. Unique amongst demons, his sword skills, and tactics are peerless. Because Baron Faraii' was 9 foot tall, we built his weapons to the size suitable for general human use. Crafted in 2:3 scale, this massive sword measures a staggering 5.2 foot tall, The rich carved details on the hilt reflect Salamandrines national culture, the blood covered sword body, shows that it is hardened. A simple leather cord with two abyssal spines and two dried eyeballs as the sword hilt ornament. The ogreish soul teeth from the soul of the wall in Hell, biting the blade, can be hung on the wall, as unbelievable decorations, you can watch and touch the legendary weapons from hell every day. 

Of course, you can hold the huge Dark Sword in your hand and experience its heaviness and immense power.

Wayne Barlowe
Prop Replica
Zenpunk Collectibles
  • Wayne Barlowe (Design)
  • The Zenpunk Design and Development Team

What's in the Box?

The Baron Faraii's Dark Sword Prop features:

  • Dark sword
  • Hilt ornament
  • Soul Teeth base

Additional Details & Dimensions

Product Size
2.8" H (71.12mm) x 4.7" W (119.38mm) x 61.8" L (1569.72mm)

3.1" H (78.74mm) x 14.7" W (373.38mm) x 14.7" L (373.38mm)*
Product Weight
32.80 lbs (14.88 kg)*
Dimensional Weight
Int'l Dim. Weight

* Size and weight are approximate values.
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 Baron Faraiis Dark Sword Prop Replica

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