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Sideshow is live in the Big Apple at New York Comic Con booth 1912! We’re excited to announce new products that will be available to order soon, including the Neon Tech Iron Man Hot Toys Exclusive, the Aquaman Premium Format Figure based off the new film starring Jason Mamoa, everyone’s favorite wallcrawler Spider-Man Premium Format Figure, the next piece in the Adi Granov Artist Series She-Hulk Statue, Grace Premium Format Figure from Michael Turner’s Soulfire, and a very menacing Punisher Premium Format Figure! Whew!

That’s not all, for attendees at the show, each morning we will be handing out Infinity Gauntlet Pins! So make sure to stop by the Sideshow booth to grab yours first thing in the morning! (Psst… Also make sure to ask about the Neon Tech Iron Man ordering instructions.)

If you can’t make the show, be sure to check out our Facebook, YouTubeInstagram and Twitter feeds for plenty of news, livestreams, and giveaways!

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