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Geek Headlines- The Last Jedi, Doom Patrol, a Fresh Start for Marvel, and More!

Geek Headlines – February 20th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 19th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 18th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 17th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 16th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 15th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 14th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 13th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 11th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 10th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 9th 2018

Superhero Trailer Takeover- New Deadpool, Jessica Jones, and Venom!

Marvel Unites 10 Years of Cinematic Universe Stars for MCU “Class Photo”

Geek Headlines – February 8th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 7th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 6th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 5th 2018

Super Bowl 2018 Commercials- Vote For Your Favorite Ads!

The Solo: A Star Wars Story Trailer Arrives From a Galaxy Far, Far Away!

Geek Headlines – February 4th 2018

Geek Headlines – February 3rd 2018

Geek Headlines – February 2nd 2018

Geek Headlines – February 1st 2018

Geek Headlines – January 31st 2018

Geek Headlines – January 30th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 29th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 28th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 27th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 26th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 25th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 24th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 23rd 2018

Coming to Netflix February 2018 – Geek Edition

Geek Headlines – January 22nd 2018

Geek Headlines – January 21st 2018

Geek Headlines – January 20th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 19th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 18th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 17th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 16th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 15th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 14th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 13th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 12th 2018

Poll- Did You Buy Your Black Panther Tickets Yet?

Geek Headlines – January 11th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 10th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 9th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 8th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 7th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 6th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 5th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 4th 2018

Geek Headlines – January 3rd 2018

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USS Callister: How Black Mirror’s Star Trek Spoof Could Spin-Off Beyond the Stars

Geek Headlines – January 2nd 2018

Execute Order 66- What is the Best Order for Watching the Star Wars Movies?

New Movies of 2018 – Which 2018 Films are You Most Anticipating?

Geek Headlines – December 30th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 29th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 28th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 27th 2017

Pop Culture and Movie News on Alexa – Let your Geek Sideshow

Geek Headlines – December 24th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 23rd 2017

Geek Headlines – December 22nd 2017

Geek Headlines – December 21st 2017

The Evolution of the Stormtrooper Part 3 – The First Order

Geek Headlines – December 20th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 19th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 18th 2017

The Evolution of the Stormtrooper Part 2 – Imperial Stormtroopers

Geek Headlines – December 17th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 16th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 15th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 14th 2017

The Evolution of the Stormtrooper Part 1 – The Clone Troopers

Geek Headlines – December 13th 2017

Coming to Netflix January 2018 – Geek Edition

Geek Headlines – December 12th 2017

Ready Player One Trailer Easter Eggs- How Many Did You Notice?

Geek Headlines – December 11th 2017

How Force-Sensitive Are You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Geek Headlines – December 10th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 9th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 8th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 7th 2017

Wolverine Versus Everyone: The Best Battles Wolverine Has Fought

Marvel to Make Animated Secret Warriors Film with the Next Generation of Heroes

See a Fiery First Look at the Dark Phoenix X-Men Film with New Photos

Geek Headlines – December 6th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 5th 2017

Geek Headlines – December 3rd 2017

Geek Headlines – December 2nd 2017

Geek Headlines – December 1st 2017

Geek Headlines – November 30th 2017

Geek Headlines – November 29th 2017

Action-Packed Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Assembles Heroes from Across the MCU

Marvel Teases Trailer Release for Avengers: Infinity War, Plus New Poster

Geek Headlines – November 28th 2017

Geek Headlines – November 22nd 2017

Geek Headlines – November 21st 2017

Geek Headlines – November 20th 2017

Coming to Netflix December 2017 – Geek Edition

Geek Headlines – November 18th 2017

Geek Headlines – November 17th 2017

Quiz: Which Member of the Justice League are You?

Geek Headlines – November 16th 2017

Geek Headlines – November 15th 2017

See Deadpool 2’s Happy Little Teaser in Bob Ross Parody

Witness the Terrific Ten Team Up on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Geek Headlines – November 14th 2017

Amazon Orders Multi-Season Series for Lord of the Rings Show

Mobile Harry Potter AR Game Coming from the Makers of Pokemon Go!

Final Trailer for The Shape of Water Teases Eerie Secrets and Forbidden Romance

New Deadpool 2 Poster Invites You to a Bizarre Thanksgiving Family Dinner

Rian Johnson to Create All-New Star Wars Trilogy

Marvel Premieres New Black Panther Posters to Introduce the World of Wakanda

Quiz- Where Would You Rank in the Contest of Champions from Thor: Ragnarok?

Red Sonja is Headed to the Silver Screen!

Thorsday- The Many Mjolnirs of the Thor Mythos

Quiz: Which Gotham Rogue Represents Your Worst Nightmare?

Netflix Reveals The Punisher November Release Date in Newest Trailer

Ron Howard Reveals the Han Solo Movie’s Title

What We Think Might Happen in The Last Jedi Based on the Latest Trailer

Marvel Debuts New Black Panther Trailer- Long Live the King!

Netflix Gets Even Stranger with Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer!

The New Mutants Trailer Mixes Heroes and Horror

Poll: Tell Us Which Famous Horror Setting You Would Visit!

15 Superpowers You Didn’t Know The Hulk Has

Enter Area X with the Annihilation Film Trailer

Happy Birthday, Mark Hamill- Execute Celebration 66!

Three-Hour Extended Cut of Superman: The Movie Soars onto Home Release

This Stranger Things Pop-Up Bar was Turned Upside Down by an Amazing Cease and Desist Letter

Linda Hamilton to Return to Terminator Franchise!

Coming to Netflix October 2017 – Geek Edition

Prepare for Adventure as a New Tomb Raider Teaser Arrives!

New Punisher Teaser Debuts- You Won’t Even See Him Coming

Jamie Lee Curtis is Coming Home to Haddonfield for ‘Halloween’ Franchise

Which Marvel Team has Your Membership? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Star Wars Episode IX- J.J. Abrams to Write and Direct

Poll- What are You Doing This Weekend? (September 8th Edition)

Here’s What We Hope to See in a Standalone Obi-Wan Film

Did You Know These Behind-The-Scenes Secrets Of The Terminator Franchise?

Marvel’s The Punisher Twitter Teases Episode Titles and Release Date with Morse Code

Coming to Netflix September 2017 – Geek Edition

Ryan Reynolds is Your New Cable Provider- First Look at Josh Brolin in Deadpool 2

Marvel announces their Runaways for the upcoming Hulu series

Meet Steve Blum, the voice actor behind Wolverine!

Our Spoiler-Free Review of Rogue One

Thor’s most memorable movie quotes and one-liners

Thor’s 7 mightiest weapons and tools of the trade