The Wait List Reservation System

What is a wait list?
Since our products have small world-wide editions, many lines tend to sell through before they even reach our warehouse. However, items may become available at the time of shipping, due to canceled orders, credit card declines, warehouse inventory discrepancies, etc. These items are then offered to individuals who have reserved a place in a queue line, or wait list, for that product. A wait list reservation is not an official order and can only be fulfilled if an item becomes available.

Any customers who wish to submit a Wait List Reservation will be bound by the program’s Terms and Conditions upon submitting the reservation and therefore are encouraged to review them prior to completing a reservation. For your convenience, and to save your eyesight, we have condensed the important stuff below!

What you are agreeing to when you submit a reservation.

  1. A reservation is not a guaranteed order.
  2. You are agreeing to allow us to charge your credit card for the requested item if your reservation is filled.
  3. Reservation fulfillment is not dependent on customer notification. Although Sideshow will send an automated courtesy e-mail notification, we are not responsible if you do not receive it for any reason (old email in your account, spam filters, out of town- because really how would we know that?).
  4. If an item becomes available for you, you will receive an email notice. For more information about our courtesy notifications, click here. If you don’t want this item you must cancel it from your online account before it turns into a live order. You may be assessed fees if you let it ship out. We suggest to review all of your reservations frequently to assess them.
  5. If your a glutton for punishment you can review the complete Terms and Conditions here.

Submitting a reservation is easy!
You can submit a reservation in the same manner you would submit a regular order. Click here for details.

How will you know if we found an item for you?
Sideshow will send you an email notifying you that we found an item to fulfill your reservation. You usually have 48 hours to cancel it before it becomes a live order.

We also announce which item wait lists are being fulfilled, new item wait lists, and the item wait lists that are being closed through our Facebook page, and our weekly FREE online newsletter. If you are not a member you can sign up here.

Where are you on the list?
Due to the amount of Wait List Reservations received, we can not tell you where you stand on any reservation list. Since fulfillment is dependent on the quantity of items that become available, knowing your place in line is not indicative of whether you may receive a successful fulfillment.

    Please note that if we are recalling reservations from specific lists, this does not necessarily mean the entire list is being recalled.

Fulfillment errors and Damages
Due to the limited quantities of items that become available, we may not be able to replace an item if it arrives to you damaged and therefore we will offer you a full refund upon the item’s return as per our Return Policy.

The wait list service relies on the manual tracking of extremely low item quantities within our vast inventory. As such, a reservation may be recalled in error due to inventory discrepancies. If this happens, our customer service staff will notify you via e-mail within a few days of the original offer.