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Collect on your own schedule with our flexible payment plans. Here's how it works:

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You say how much to pay

Select the payment plan that sets up the amount you can afford on a monthly basis.

Choose when you'll pay

Too many bills in the beginning of the month? Pick a payment date that works best for you!

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FLEXPay is a multiple-payment option available on hundreds of collectibles throughout SideshowCollectibles.com. FLEXPay allows collectors the ability to tailor a payment schedule that works within their monthly budget.


Items purchased with the FLEXPay option will be shipped to customers once the last payment has been charged. Shipping costs and any applicable taxes are added to the last payment.


Your credit card will be charged on the selected payment date or within five business days of the date they choose for their item's FLEXPay schedule.


Yes, cancellation fees apply should a customer cancel their order of an item on FLEXPay.

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